A Word with Dr. Robin

In an overdue reunion, Robin Wilson graced me with an hour of her Sunday. She passed down a major portion of my teaching-for-justice toolbox during our time together at Memphis Teacher Residency (2012-2016). Same boss, new area code as her...

I miss you! I miss you too.

Katie Brook and Liza Birkenmeier talk about the live performance, the show they were supposed to be doing today, and the circumstances of their life and friendship during the pandemic.

Ron McKnight and Cara Aguilera

Ron McKnight (78) talks to Providence staff person Cara Aguilera (61) about growing up post-WWII in Missouri and Chicago, difficult childhood memories and being informally adopted by another couple. Ron also talks about his love of reading and reuniting with...

William Moody and Elizabeth Moody

William Moody (62) helps his mother Elizabeth Moody (101) to recall stories from her long life. Elizabeth recounts the move her family took from Missouri to Arizona in 1924, and how she made a happy life for herself in Arizona...

Aaron Newell and Amberly Newell

Aaron Newell (42) talks with his daughter, Amberly Newell (13), about the way his faith influences his decisions, his experience adopting Amberly, and their work in the community.

Katie McCarthy and Benjamin Walker

Benjamin Walker (26) talks with his fiancé Katie McCarthy (25) about their courtship and they remember KM's dad who passed away when she was 17 years old.

Bess Glastris and George Glastris

Bess Glastris (87) talks to her son George Glastris (47) about various members of her Greek family.

Janet Morrison-Lane and Dave Morrison

Janet Morrison-Lane (48) talked with her dad, Dave Morrison (75) about growing up in Missouri and some of his life choices.