Interview for Mom
January 15, 2021 App Interview

This is a interview with my mom.

Maritza asks grandma Vicenta about her childhood.

I interviewed my grandmother Vicenta and asked her a few questions about how she grew up and her life experiences.

Parent Interview

In this interview I asked my mom 10 questions about her life.


What me and my sister (Alexis Jared) talked about was growing up

Interviewing my dad

We talked about my childhood and what I was like as I was growing up to now, as a 12 year old.

Parents interview

This was really fun to make, I think I might make another one for fun


I interviewed my mom about her life and her experiences. We started with her earliest memories of major current events in that time period, then transitioned into her background and what she accomplished at a young age. She then talked...

APUSH Grade Reclamation Project: Semester 1

This interview was between my grandma, Bettie Sarver, and me, Lindsey Barrett, about what her life was like from childhood to retirement.

My interview

Speaks to me about how he viewed his future and how he got to where he is today.

Dianne’s Legacy

The interview taught me a lot about my grandmother and my close family’s past. I’m very happy that I got to do this today and learn about my legacy and what it will continue as.

My Hero.

Interviewing my Mom about her life and asking who’s her inspo.

GOVT 2305-6005

My mother, Mandy, and I talk about how specific people in her life have made her more empathetic.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

We discussed major points in her life and what her childhood was like

Life Undocumented

I talk to my life-long friend about life and his struggles of growing up undocumented in the U.S.

What was Life like Growing Up?

Today I'm here with Andy Blake, my foster father and I'm going to ask him a few questions about what life's like growing up.

The great thanksgiving listen

Talking to my dad for a school assignment

Interviewing my grandmother

During this interview I went over my grandmothers life.

Relationship Interview

To complete the exercise in listening, I interviewed my boyfriend. The exercise in listening really helped me to understand my boyfriend, as I was able to acquire an in-depth perspective of how he is growing as a person, and within...