Interview with my Dad, Kris Bittner

In this interview, my dad talks about his experience with his youth group as a child as well as his and his families background.

My Father: The Author

Zahra Ndirangu interviews her father, published author Ndirangu Githaiga, on his book that tells of the Kenyan experience. They delve into talks of race, literature, and representation.

Bobby Sidney on music he listened to throughout the decades

Jimmy Sidney interviews his father Bobby Sidney about the music he listened to growing up and as an adult. He also touches on why popular music is popular, and how certain genes like gogo, hip hop, and modern day rap...

TGTL Project

I interview my dad about his immigration and experiences.

Interview with my Grandmother Nov 30, 2020

Hola! Hello! I’m Camryn, and in this interview I’m talking with my grandmother about some beautiful topics. She’s extremely wise and I love her. That’s why I chose to interview her today. I hope y’all stay safe during Corona. To...

Librada and Olivia 11/29

I spoke with mom about lessons learned while building resilience.

My “Nana”; A Journey of Hard Work

A story told by a grandpa about his up bringing and his perseverance to tackling the real world asked by his granddaughter. His passion for education and success reflects off of his aspirations and struggles.

“I leaned on the horn… it was a different sound than burning wood”: Interview with Sharon and Fred Korty

Sharon and Fred, longtime residents of the Chicagoland area, invited me into their lovely Wheaton home to tell me the story of how they rebuilt after losing their home in a fire. They also shared stories of their travels and...

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

An interview with my Dad about the things he has experienced and such

Audio Recording of Significant Interview

Aidan Bank (14) talks with his mother, Elysa Jimenez (33) about her life being a young mother and how she overcame challenges.

A Spoonful Of Joy

We reconnected with our past to go through our journey in our friendship. We wanted to live in happiness during a time of uncertainty.


Interview about my grandmother and her writing.

Gabriel’s Childhood and Military Service

This interview is about Gabriel’s childhood and connecting it to his military experience. He discusses his early life, school, basic training, and his actually military service. #SHSCOWBOYS

Interview Between Friends: Friendship, DACA and Social Justice

I, Juliana Tamayo, interview my friend Yessenia who is a DACA recipient. We speak about our friendship and Yessenia has navigated higher education as a DACAmented student. We've known each other for over ten years but these are topics we...

Great Thanksgiving Listen
November 29, 2020 App Interview

I got the chance to sit down with my dad and talk about his memories and stories.

Blanca Fernandez
November 29, 2020 App Interview

I will be asking questions to my grandma about her life in Mexico and her life now.