Beth Parks and Marlene Parks

Beth Parks (52) and her mother Marlene Parks (85) come in to preserve some of Marlene's most special memories. The two discuss Marlene's dementia diagnosis and other difficult subjects while still tapping into so much joy with their infectious laughter.

John Hock, Robert Hock, and Joan Hock

Robert Hock (80) and Joan Hock (74) talk to their son, John Hock (47) about the circumstances of the traumatic brain injury that he endured at 10 years old and the dementia that he has developed in adulthood that impacts...

Edith Jones and Lynne Brown
August 19, 2010 StoryKit

Edie is a 95-year-old woman who emigrated from Wales in about 1925. She arrived first in Montreal and spent the first few months in Canada and eventually made it to the United States. Her father was killed in WWI when...

Sue Collins and Maria Collins
February 8, 2010 StoryKit

Sue Collins sits with pictures of her family as her mind wanders and refocuses on things around her.

Nancy Scheidegger and Nick Scheidegger

Nancy Scheidegger (85) and her son Nick Scheidegger (46) have a conversation about Art Scheidegger, her husband and Nick's father, who suffers from memory loss. They discuss their favorite memories of him and how his condition has changed their realtionship...

Mindy Fried and Laura Barr

Friends Laura Barr (65) and Mindy Fried (70) talk about Laura’s experiences caring for her wife Jean, who has Alzheimer's Disease. They talk about what it's like to be a caregiver for a loved one, their experiences with assisted living...

Stephen Schultz and Harlan Mueller

Stephen "Steve" Schultz (74) and Harlan Mueller (78) have a conversation about their wives' diagnoses of memory loss, their shared need for social connection and support, and the creation of the Purple Canoe Club.

Randy Baker and Susan Baker

Randy Baker (55) sits down with his wife Susan Baker (59) to record memories of how they met, their early life together, and their children -- Randy was recently diagnosed with Frontal Temporal Dementia.

Jennifer Harders and Lu Ann Ramsey

Jennifer Harders (49) has a conversation with colleague and friend Lu Ann Ramsey (69) about their experience in facilitating memory cafes and the benefits to persons living with memory loss and their care partners or family members.

Katrina Brown-Kennedy and Ian Murakami

Katrina Brown-Kennedy (54) is interviewed by conversation partner Ian Murakami (25) about her experience with cancer, how the people in her life supported her in this journey, and how the journey changed her relationship to control and autonomy.

Ulysses Labilles and Manuela Velasquez

Conversation partners Manuela Velasquez (24) interviews Ulysses Labilles (61) about his immigration journey to the United States, his father’s impact on his life, dear of his family members, and the importance of his children in his life.