Amer Al Fayadh and Brandy Al fayadh

Amer Al Fayadh (39) and his wife, Brandy Al fayadh (38), share the story of how they met and talk about their early dating before getting married. They also discuss raising multicultural kids and share their hopes for their kids...

Fairy Diamond and Nancy Leed

Fairy Diamond [no age given] speaks with friend Nancy Leed (72) about her family and experience as a refugee to the US from Thailand. She shares memories of arriving, getting settled, and learning English. Fairy and Nancy also talk about...

Amita Mehta and Michele Sipel

Friends Amita Mehta (49) and Michele Sipel (48) remember the first time they met and share other key moments in their friendship, such as when Amita came out to Michele. The two talk about how transformative their friendship has been...