Sang Rem and Rayvan Williams

Best friends Sang Rem (27) and Rayvan Williams (24) talk about meeting in high school and the friendship that they have. Sang shares about her experience as a refugee who came to the US from Burma/Myanmar. Rayvan shares about the...

Jade Nguyen and Runnei Mawi

Jade Nguyen (21) and her friend Runnei Mawi (21) share their childhood memories of growing up in Vietnam and Burma, respectively, their first impressions of the United States, and how they've grown accustomed to their new lives.

Valdir Solera and Syma Mohammed

Valdir Solera Jr. (31) talks with StoryCorps interviewer and friend, Syma Mohammed (33), about his involvement in his community in Mauii getting refugees and immigrants registered to vote, as well as his position as a delegate for Refugee Congress. He...

Karina Ambartsoumian-Clough and Kevin Clough

Karina Ambartsoumian-Clough (32) talks with her husband Kevin Clough (37) about her experiences as a stateless person in the United States. She shares the story of learning of her statelessness, reflects on the impact of statelessness on her and her...

Dauda Sesay and Mariama Sesay

Dauda Sesay (43) has a conversation with his daughter Mariama Sesay (21) about his immigration journey from Sierra Leone to the U.S., life at refugee camp, his first experience with bullying at a U.S. college, his work of advocacy with...

Norah Bagirinka and Syma Mohammed

Norah Bagirinka (62) is interviewed by StoryCorps staff member Syma Mohammed (33) about how the Rwandan civil war affected her family, her life in Uganda, her participation in the Oscar-nominated documentary "God sleeps in Rwanda," and starting her Columbus-based nonprofit...

Sahar Al-Nima and Syma Mohammed

Syma Mohammed (33) interviews new acquaintance Sahar Al-Nima (26) about immigrating to the United States as an adult, after being forced to flee Iraq in her childhood following the U.S. Invasion.

Tatjana Tadic Andrews and Svjetlana Tadic

Tatjana Tadic Andrews (28) talks with her mother, Svjetlana Tadic (49), about her experience leaving Bosnia in her 20s during civil war and coming to the US as a refugee. Svjetlana recalls first impressions of new foods she tried in...

Marvin Walthall and Nejra Sumic

Marvin Walthal (37) speaks with his wife Nejra Sumic [no age given] about her childhood memories of fleeing to Spain as a refugee from Bosnia and Herzegovina, her early experiences and first impressions of coming to America, and her work...

Jessi Calzado-Esponda and Ryan Campbell

Jessi Calzado-Esponda (31) is interviewed by her friend and coworker Ryan Campbell (29) about her experiences as an involuntary refugee during the 1994 Cuban Rafter Crisis and starting her new life in America afterwards.

Syma Mohammed and Anahita Panahi

Syma Mohammed (33) speaks with new friend Anahita Panahi (28) about her childhood in Copenhagen, Denmark, her transition moving to the United States in the third grade, returning to Iran in adulthood, and how all of these experiences have shaped...

Henry Tshishiku and Paige Vogel

Henry Tsishiku (28) speaks with his colleague Paige Vogel (28) about life as a refugee after leaving his home in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, his community work in the refugee camp, and adjusting to a new life in...

Hashim Hesham and Hosai Hesham

Hosai Hesham (43) speaks with her father Hashim Hesham (70) about their work as doctors treating COVID-19 patients and share memories and reflections from their life in Pakistan and Afghanistan before moving to the United States.

Joseph Sackor and Syma Mohammed

Joseph Sackor [no age given] is interviewed by StoryCorps's staff member Syma Mohammed [no age given] about his journey from Liberia to the U.S., the influence former President Obama had in his political interest, memories from his hometown, and his...

Mariela Shaker and Syma Mohammed

Mariela Shaker (30) talks with StoryCorps' Syma Mohammed (33) about her education as a violinist and coming to the United States to continue studying music when she had to leave Syria. She recalls helping her family leave Syria, people who...

Georgette Bisoka and Fowzia Adan

Georgette Bisoka (23) and her friend Fowzia Adan (25) share their experiences as refugees living in Boise, Idaho. They discuss moving to the US, finding community, and the importance of self-advocacy for refugees.

Victoria Barmak and Benjamin Barmak

Victoria Barmak (46) speaks with her son Benjamin Barmak (19) about coming from Belarus to New York City as a refugee and her experiences as a teenager in a new country.

Mahdi Akal and Issa Spatrisano

Friends Mahdi Akal (25) and Issa Spartrisano (34) talk about how they met and how they have both come to be Alaskans.

Jihan Daman and Syma Mohammed

Syma Mohammed (33) talks with her conversation partner Jihan Daman (53) about leaving Iraq as a refugee at age 13, her four years spent in Greece, her time in high school in Michigan, and the work she does with refugees...