Sami Hussain Ismat and Amira Hegazy

Sami Hussain Ismat (28) is interviewed by his partner Amira Hegazy (27) about growing up in Damascus, Syria, the community building around food in Syrian culture, exploring his identity through the arts, and how the Syrian diaspora is forging a...

Karim Nagi and Indrany Datta-Barua

Karim Nagi (49) talks to his wife, Indrany Datta-Barua (37), about his spirituality, identity, and his work as a musician, performer, and educator of Arabic music, dance, and culture.

Petty Ishak-Bernard and Arti Ishak

Petty Ishak-Bernard (58) and her daughter Arti Ishak (29) talk about navigating their lives as U.S. migrant and first generation U.S. American, respectively. They reflect on their experiences, both of discrimination and of belonging, the challenges they've faced, and the...

Ronnie Malley and Sehla Ashai

Ronnie Malley (42) has a conversation with his friend Sehla Ashai (41) about growing up in Oak Lawn, Illinois, the history of the Palestinian community in the south side of Chicago, his early connection with music, the influence of metal...

Kaiser Ahmed and Syma Mohammed

Kaiser Ahmed (35) is interviewed by StoryCorps staff member Syma Mohammed (33) about his Bangladeshi descent, growing up in suburban Michigan, navigating a hyphenated identity, his early interest in theater, and starting his own theater company in Chicago.