New-Media Project: Experiencing Music

I interviewed my mom about the music industry and how it has transitioned since the 80’s as well as how it has shaped her life when she was growing up.

Nelson’s interview

We talk about Nelson Davis’s life and the times he grew up in.

Mass Communications New-Media project

I (Grant Brewer, 19) interview my mother (Ashley Brewer, 40s) about life pre and post social media, the big news of the 80s and advertising.

Interview with Mom

It is a summery of my mom’s life growing up in rural Indiana. The hardships and the fun.

Interview With My Mother

This interview was mostly about my mothers past life and what she went through in school and with her family back in Cuba Sagua la Grande.

Generation Next

The eighties, a time of bright colors, classic movies,Michael Jackson, and a decade of fun for all. Colbe Thomas interviews his father Brandon Thomas, a man from New Orleans about his struggles in the 80s (5:25-6:32) and how he met...

StoryCorps APUSH Final Project-Steve Hall

Talked about a combination of historical events, modern events and past experiences and how they have shaped Steve Halls political views. Topics discussed in the interview include Reagan, Bill Clinton, Berlin Wall, 2016 presidential election, etc. Steve Hall uses past...

Interviewing my mother about being the “Odd One Out”

We talked about the experiences my mother went through as growing up in a white community as an African American and how it has molded her into who she is today. Around 22:50, I asked my mother out of her...

What made you who you are?

I wanted to interview Jennifer because she’s someone who really changed my life and how I see myself as a person. She inspires me everyday to do my best at work and reminds me of why I do what I...

Savannah Hill and her Grandpa Adolph Svec’s experiences from college, the military, and his family.

An interview with my grandfather about his experiences and reflections on his life during his different careers. He talks about his military life, teaching life, important people in his life, and the history of his parents and grandparents.

An Architect in Milwaukee

In this interview I asked about his time at Peck Foods, his jobs as an Architect, and the importance of learning. As well as, how all of experiences in life are extremely important.

Interviewing My Mom

I asked my mom questions I had for her and learned new things about her.

CUSH interview: growing up in the 1980’s

An interview of 44 year old Carrie, and her life growing up in the 1970s and 80s.

Exhuming the Past and Person of Martina White (Part II)

In this interview I attempt to unearth the life of my aunt who died at age sixteen through my mother's memories and stories, further adding to the mythology which surrounds her life but also bringing it to terms with reality...

Great Thanksgiving Listen

A mother and daughter discuss the differences between parents and teenagers, and how confusing it can be.