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Alicia Osborn and Jeanine Coursen talk about memories from Jeanine’s childhood.

On November 21st, Alicia Osborn (15) and her mom Jeanine Coursen (51) talk about funny memories from Jeanine’s childhood. Jeanine talks about many of the jobs that she’s had and what was her most/least favorite. Jeanine talks about funny stories...

Meaira Bryant Interviews her mother, Meon Stubbs about her childhood.

In this interview, recorded on November 21st 2017 in Flint, Michigan. Meaira Bryant (15) interviews her mother, Meon Stubbs (42) She talks about how she grew up with her family and what it was like.

How I was able to become what I am now.

On Nov. 25 In Flint,MI, Juan Guerrero lets us in on how he was raised, how he almost lost it all and how he recovered.

Learning about other Generations: Uncle Gary talks with his nephew, Keegan about his life growing up in Flint, Michigan.

In this interview, recorded in November 2017, in Henderson Tennessee, Keegan Maguffee(16) gets to spend his Thanksgiving interviewing his Uncle, Gary Mcknight(63). Keegan asks what Gary's was like while living in Flint, MI. Gary tells Keegan what following what you...

Abier Najm shares stories, and wisdom from her childhood for listeners in the future.

Abier Najm(46) speaks to her son, Omar Abdalla(15), about her childhood life. She speaks about the struggles she went through living in an oppressive society in fear of the government and how she pushed through it. Both funny and sad,...

My Generation and The Past Generation

On Nov. 30th, 2017 in Flint MI, Jamie (53) answers questions from Tessa (15) about her past and how it affects her now. Jamie is the mother of Tessa, who listens and learns about the things she did growing up...

The childhood of Sue Marinack.

In this interview, conducted November 2017 in Holly, Michigan Joshua Maples interviewed his grandmother Martha Sue About her childhood in White Lake Mi. Mrs. Sue tells stories about when she was a childhood taking small trips to Kentucky minute 1...

Life with Ten Siblings

In this interview, Mikaiah Holbrook (15) interviews her grandma Phyllis Holbrook (60), located in Flint, Michigan. Mrs. Holbrook shares her experiences as a child and tells about what it was like having ten siblings with two strict parents. She explains...

Great Thanksgiving Listen: How I Met Your Mother

In this interview, conducted on November 30, 2017 in Flint, Michigan, Savannah Brown (15) interviews her dad, Danyel Brown (55), about his childhood and how it has made him mature over the years. Mr. Brown shares funny stories but towards...

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

Joselyn McBride (15) interviewing her mom, Karen Clementz (53). Karen talks about the lessons she’s learned about throughout many years of working at Hurley and her rough childhood. She shares story’s of how those events and things she saw shaped...

Erica & Waymond: Passionate Parents Living a Lovely Life

In this interview, orchestrated in November 2017 in Flint, Michigan, Alexandria Beavers (15) interviews her parents Erica (46) and Waymond (45) about living in a small town in Arkansas, having two wonderful children and overcoming obstacles with the help of...