I decided to interview my aunt Bisi for thanksgiving.

My Interview with my Mom

My mom loves her family and is prepared for the road ahead

Hannah and Poppa

We talked about family and stories about our family

My Dad, the Crybaby

Moving across the pond, school, and traditional values.

Giselle’s Interview

Most of the time, family is what we talked about. My interviewee mentioned people in her family and why they are important to her.

Talk with mom

A talk about life with my mother

Social Studies Thanksgiving Questions

The interviewee consisted of my mother, Tina Sun. We discussed about the topics that revolves around family and things that we are most appreciative for.

Thanksgiving interview

Me and mom talked about all the important people in My moms life. We talked about memories of me and how they made her feel. We also talked about how she wants to be remembered.

Interview with my dad part 2

I interviewed my dad about his life growing up and his career.

Sister Interview

This was a 9 question interview about her life and they way she was when she was younger.

Prep for highschool class

We went over the questions and my mom gave her answers

Social Studies Project By: Noah McCuen

Durring this interview with my father we talk about our past family and events they lived through, and the hard ships they faced such as the Great Depression and more present the Great Recession.

StoryCorps Interview with Mom and Dad (Pt. 1 Mom)

This is an interview for an assignment for a MASC class at VCU. Pt. 1 is with my mom, and 2 with my dad.

Ruth Carey— Matriarch, Mother, Nanny, Aunty, Sister

We talked about Nanny’s life—her family life, and her personal life.

Interview with mom

Family, parents, grandparents, childhood, background and traditions

Personal questions about alella gipson

We talked about how she growing up and how she was raised

My Great Thanksgiving Interview

How my dads life was and how he became as my dad today

Storytelling Assignment

I sit down to ask personal questions with my mom. We talk about memories, both good and bad, and the ups and downs of life.

Jonas Brown Interview

This is an interview of my mom just asking her a bit about her life.