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Our Eyes Have Seen (Episode IV: Life and Times of Thomas Henry Sheffler)

Part I: A multigenerational conversation about the events in history that we witnessed and how they affected us. We talk about culture, war, television, media, historical influences, points of view and legacy. Part II: Uploaded separately as Teacher Talk -...

Anna Coleman

During this, we discussed various topics about the 2000s. We discussed, 9/11, various trends and fads, and other childhood memories.

2000's interview – Gabe Tulli

This interview discussed some of the key points of the 2000's decade aka the Great Recession, Hurricane Katrina, Sports, 9/11, and much more.

Micah’s interview

This is an interview with my cousin Micah who is 17 years old


She was adopted as a child. Her mother and her relationship was a little off