Twanna Walker and Samarie Walker

Twanna Walker: 2020-05-05 00:49:24 Twanna Walker talks with her daughter Samarie Walker about being LGBTQ + Black Woman speaks about her struggles with mental illness

Michael Devereux and Lane Gustafson Devereux

Michael Devereux (63) and his wife Lane Gustafson Devereux (60) talk about their marriage of almost 35 years, their adopted children from their marriage and previous marriages, and reflections on parenting, marriage, and life.

Kathleen O’Dell and Annie Busch

Kathleen O’Dell (68) interviews her long-time friend, Annie Busch [no age given], about her work in the Springfield community, from serving as the Executive Director of the Springfield-Greene County Library to her efforts to aid children experiencing homelessness.

Sedrick and Ruth Luke

Sedrick (22) and his sister Ruth (27) discuss First Step Communities, an organization that works with the homeless in order to find them homes in Sacramento, CA.

Mia Porter and Heidi Mokrzycki

Mia Porter (47) has a conversation with her longtime friend Heidi Mokrzycki (47) about the memory of his brother, and how his passing influenced her anti-gun violence activism.

Erin Krommenhoek and Cassandra Toscano

Sisters Cassandra Toscano (44) and Erin Krommenhoek (32), discuss their grandmother's experience being kidnapped from her family and placed in a Catholic Indian Reservation School and the generational trauma it caused.

Ryan McLaughlin and Joshua Elder

Joshua Elder and Ryan McLaughlin are nearing the end of a Mexico to Canada bike ride along the Continental Divide Trail. Stories from their mountainbiking trip, which is awareness raising about Alzheimer’s disease

Deborah Ranniger and Virginia Lora

Deborah Ranniger (58) talks to SC Facilitator Virginia Lora (26) about her dad Leonard Cornell who passed away 5 years ago of Alzheimers. She tells the story her dad would tell over and over again about going to the 1929...