Mom interview

We mainly talked about her life and what she stands for and what happened with her parents me and my father.

Jonairys’ 2000’s Decade Interview

Edwin Rodriguez answered a lot of questions about the 2000’s Decade. Mostly on his reaction to certain events, his style with fashion, etc.

More about Jakie:)

We were talk about her life and how she is

The life of Jacob Donald Mckee

My brother jake and i have a weird conversation about our childhood, our life lessons, and memes

Penny sits and talk about her life from a kid teen and now an adult.

In this interview Penny steps outside of her comfort zone and sits and has a meaningful interview with her niece. As she talks she mentions being the oldest child out of 4. Her challenge completing a master degree while being...


It was a good interview. I really had a good conversation with my mom. I learned new things about her prom and her first date. It was Avery good experience

Eric Wang’s Interview, Jon Lam interviews Eric Wang on his experiences of the 2000s

Jon Lam interviews his cousin, Eric Wang on his life during the 2000s. Eric was extremely young in the 2000s, but recounts his old memories/experiences of the 2000s. Eric answers a series of questions and gives his experiences/opinions on the...

Timmy Tieu’s Times, Jon Lam Interviews Timmy Tieu on his experiences of the 2000s

Jon Lam interviews his cousin, Timmy Tieu, on his experiences of the 2000s. Jon asks a series of questions to get Timmy's experiences he had in the 2000s. The questions consist of social media of the 2000s, television, the 9/11...

Sandy Hook Interview

I sat down with my father, who has experienced two major, and life changing events during his 43 years of life. He gave me, and everyone listening a view of what a father thinks about during a tragic event such...

Interrogating my mom

Asking my mother a few difficult questions

StoryCorps APUSH Final Project-Steve Hall

Talked about a combination of historical events, modern events and past experiences and how they have shaped Steve Halls political views. Topics discussed in the interview include Reagan, Bill Clinton, Berlin Wall, 2016 presidential election, etc. Steve Hall uses past...

Elections of 2000’s

Today i am interviewing Phu Do and he is going to be talking about his life in 2000's and about the election of 2000.

Susan Harding

In the summer of 2019, I was looking to help and babysit families in my community. I reached out to Susan and she later offered me a job to be a mothers helper for her grandchildren. She has become a...

Fresh out of school

We talked about how was his childhood and how was it growing up.

Starting a New Life

This is how my grandma and my uncle's began a new life in a new country.

Interview parents on college

Asked my mom/aunt on the road to college. And what she expects from us.