Ray Gorney and Elizabeth Caruso (Covid Interview)

Ray Gorney and Elizabeth Caruso talk about the effect of Covid on their family and they got through it.

Logan Tidstrom and Emma Rose discuss local food

In this interview, we talk about what it's like growing up in a house without much of an attachment to farmers' markets. We also talk about what we think local foods are and how that might be different based on...

Ben and Ben Discuss Local Food

An interview about Ben’s local food consumption and the importance of the local food in regard to reducing our carbon footprint. Also discussed are some possible way of educating and spreading awareness about eating local food.

Coffee Chat with Mom

talk about family drama, traditions changing and more

Swapna and Sanika discuss preparing for the climate emergency.

Today Swapna and I talked about how her family has prepared for climate emergencies in the past and their current precautions in place when faced with an emergency in the future.

Naomi and Lily discuss local food

I asked Naomi about her experience with local food as a college student at UMich and her thoughts about the availability/accessibility of local food in Ann Arbor.

Kerry and Kimberly discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Kimberly talks to her housemate, Kerry, about Kerry's knowledge of community preparation for climate emergencies. Although Kerry's family hasn't taken any actions to prepare for the climate emergency, she acknowledged the importance of durable and sustainable actions and behaviors.

Eleanor Stanford and Yewon Na

Eleanor talks with her close friend and housemate about life since the COVID-19 pandemic. How has life as student been affected by going online? What's different about social life one year after everything changed?

Huitziliztli Negast- CHOICE D INTERVIEW

This interview was to gather information about how a Senior in high school is dealing with the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Janielle Calaunan and Stephanie Rosas discuss local food

A discussion focused on local food consumption with conversation surrounding family traditions, future intentions, and current association with local foods. Also taking a look at what future generations can do to increase the accessibility to local foods.

Deb Bussinger and author Martie Ogborn discuss living and writing in 2020.

Deb Bussinger and Martie Ogborn discuss living in Leesburg Florida in 2020. Deb works at the Leesburg Public Library and Martie is an author. The library's annual Literary Arts Festival was canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Martie...

Nia and Sara discuss local food

In this interview, Nia talks about her experiences at the Detroit Eastern Market and her courses about food accessibility.

Interview of My Grandpa Dr. Jack Saroyan

I wanted to learn about my grandpa and what it was like to grow up in the 1940s and 1950s. He also told me about what my mother was like when she was a little girl. He also talked about...

Zoe and Izzy Talk About Local Food

Izzy talks to Zoe about her experiences in Bulgaria and in America with supporting local foods

Jad Elchahal and Ryan King

Friends, former roommates, and recent college graduates, Jad Elchahal (22) and Ryan King (23), have a conversation about Ryan's recent trip to Atlanta as well as their experiences as seniors in college during the COVID-19 pandemic and their thoughts about...

COVID-19 Lumila

Lou talks about how all of this is affecting her and her business. She owns a vintage online store and does everything by herself, she doesn't have employees. She used to use Instagram to promote her clothes and did vintage...

Learning more about Mom

Interviewing my mom to learn more about her life and her experiences.

2020 Great Thanksgiving Listen

I am interviewing my Dad about his life growing up. He grew up in Medina and went to MHS. I will ask him several questions about what he did, some of the differences in the town, and things he misses...