COM-1000- Interview of my sister

Interview of my sister, Abby Hernandez. Discussion of hobbies, goals, and navigation of 2020.

Lorenzo minney

Lorenzo Minney on Quarantine

Liz and Kim discuss local food

CSA’s that didn’t go according to plan and the benefits of the local food system beyond that of the actual food.

Melissa and Scott Discuss Local Food

Melissa and Scott discuss local foods in his home town of Orange County, CA. Scott also spoke about his grandfather’s farm.

Marriage is a Right

Have you ever wanted to hear what a gay man wants to change in gay rights? I am Julia Grane and I am 15 years old and I interviewed my Uncle Brett over the phone about him being gay and...

Asking Lisa Brei About the Election

I asked Lisa Brei the questions “How secure is the election in your opinion?”, “What do you hope comes from this election”, and “How do you think the results will affect the future?”.

New media project

I sat down with my cousin davonte green and discuss the overall effects of the Coronavirus.

Blake and Kaylee discuss local food

Blake and Kaylee talk about eating local, eating sustainably, and the future of local food consumption. Blake shares his experiences with food growing up and how it has led to his career working on small farms.

Kim and Andrea discuss preparing for the climate emergency

My mom and I talk about what preparation looks like for families in the Midwest and what it looked like twenty years ago in Florida and how much climate emergencies have changed.

Ian and Saskia discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Today I sat down with Ian Charles to talk about his personal experience with seeing unpredictable weather in Michigan over the past few years. We also talk about how individuals need to think about how we use renewable energy over...

Tovah and Aaron discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Plans and preparations in the event of an emergency are discussed. Thoughts about worldview (scale) and how large or small of a radius we consider when thinking about where resources come from in our lives are also discussed.

Victoria and Desmond discuss preparing for climate emergency

We discussed neighborhood preparedness, behavioral actions and navigating panic during an emergency scenario.

Interviewing William sinblian

We talked about who was was his idol. And asked how he would like to be remembered.

Lesli and Aaron discuss local food!

Expanding our idea of local food to think about what our end goals are- supporting sustainable practices, workers’ rights, and communities- and whether our locally produced foods meet these goals.

Tulsi and Aubrie discuss local food

A discussion about local foods and it's role in family traditions.

Zach Tusinger interviews his Grandmother Janice Tusinger about the Pandemic and the 2020 Election.

2021-01-24: Zach Tusinger (35) talks to his grandmother Janice Tusinger (84) about living through the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and the recent 2020 election and inauguration. She shares several memories about growing up and various Twentieth Century elections and...

Alicia and Zoe discuss local food
January 29, 2020 App Interview

In this we discuss how local food has impacted Alicia’s life and how she has strived to support local food in Ann Arbor. She begins by discussing how her family immigrated from Italy and how local food was very community-based...