Interview with Grandma (Vovo Lu)

My grandma is from Brazil so some aspects of her life, like her childhood are different than most people. I like to hear funny stories about her life growing up to get to know her better and how they impacted...

My mom is great

Know How to value life and when i met my daughter.

Megan and Tobin discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Megan interviews Tobin about the stress and emotional challenges associated with the climate crisis. We also discuss some helpful individual and community coping techniques.

Anjali and Zoey discuss preparing for the climate emergency
November 17, 2021 App Interview

We discussed mental issues connected to the climate crisis, mainly climate anxiety. We also discussed coping mechanisms including finding a sense of community and spending time in nature.

Hannah and Miriam discuss coping with the climate crisis and resource descent

We discuss how climate change and resource descent can affect our negatively stress and attention fatigue. As well as ways to cope individually and as a community through natural settings and conservation efforts.

A conversation about the effects of the Climate Crisis

In this interview, Seth discusses the many different effects that the climate change crisis can have on different individuals and neighborhoods. He talks about the different methods of coping and dealing with a climate crisis.

Aushmita Akbar and Chloe Minieri discuss preparing for the climate emergency.

During this interview, we discuss the emotional and stress-inducing impacts of climate change. We then transitioned the conversation to talking through ways to cope and how to relieve oneself from the anxiety surrounding climate change.

Victor Hernandez and Jiahang Mao discuss preparing for the climate emergency
November 20, 2021 App Interview

In this episode, Victor and Jiahang talked about climate crisis and energy decent influence on people's mental health and how to cope with the attention fatigue & stress come with it.

Covid-19 Interview with Cicily :)

This interview talks about how I viewed the world pre-pandemic and how my ideas have changed and evolved since living through a pandemic. It makes me reflect on everything that has happened and how I’ve grown.

Thanksgiving interview 2021

We talked about her past life and how it was for her

Kris and Annika discuss preparing for a climate emergency

My mom, who works with the Huron River Watershed Council, and I discuss climate change and Michigan's present and future.

Harry and Max discuss preparing for the climate emergency.

How has one family prepared for potential environmental turbulence, and do they have any advice?

Caitlin and Gina discuss preparing for the climate emergency

In this interview, we discuss ways to improve community engagement in helping prepare for the climate emergency. We discussed locally sourced foods and conscious consumerism, and how we can take little steps in preparing for the climate emergency.

Vivi and Seema discuss preparing for the climate emergency
February 7, 2021 App Interview

My mom and I talk about behaviors that we engage in now to mitigate the climate crisis as well as plans in place in Baltimore and the state of Maryland. We also talk about things we could start to implement...

Ann and Katie discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Neighborhood preparation for climate emergencies. Power outages and the importance of neighborhood communication.

Jenae Wright and Kelly Willmott

While in Michigan, Jenae Wright (31) talks to her friend Kelly Willmott (60) about living in Texas and differences between the two states. She moved to the state after living in Michigan for over a decade and now faces strains...

Karen and Joshua discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Karen and Joshua discuss benefits and possible deceptions of climate emergency preparation, as well as past and present examples of unpreparedness.

Kayla and Jenna discuss preparing for the climate emergency

In this interview, I talked to my sister about steps she has taken to prepare for a climate emergency. Ultimately, she has taken some steps but knows she needs to do more in preparation for an emergency. We both think...

Will and Daniel discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Daniel (20) talks with their Californian friend, Will (22) about emergency preparedness as it relates to climate change, focusing on wildfires and air quality challenges in California. They discuss Doomsday Prepping, response to COVID-19, and investing (both in dogecoin, and...

Covid-19: An 8th Grader's View

14-year-old Shannon M. talks about her life as an 8th grader during the Covid-19 pandemic. Topics include distance-learning, daily life, and thoughts.

Chris Blanchard and Sophie Blanchard discuss preparing for the climate change emergency

We discussed that in West Michigan, little is being done to prepare for climate changes emergencies, but that if they were to occur, Chris would expect that he and his family and others in the area would move to a...

Preparing for the Climate Emergency

Tara-Sky and Andrew discuss Andrew’s goals for preparing for the climate emergency, as well as what preparations his family has already made.