LHP interview

Interview with my mom about her day of 9/11

9/11 interview

interview with my mom about 9/11 and her experience. she explains how she felt and what that day was like

9/11 interview

I interviewed my father about his experience regarding 9/11

My dad’s recollection of 9-11

He talks about how his day went on the day of the attacks, and what changed after.

9/11 interview

My mom’s point of view of what happened on 9/11

9/11 interview

Michael Scheferman shares his feelings and experiences about 9/11

9/11 memory project

The events of 9/11 and now affected my Aunt Karen.

Talking with my mom about 9-11

For a school project, we had to interview an adult in our lives about where they were on 9-11, as well as some memories alongside it.

Shelly Interview- TEFB 410

I spoke with Shelly Dickson, my mother, about 9/11 and the events that followed that tragic day.

9-11interview with my mom

My mom talks about what it was like teaching in New York on 9-11.She taught in the city when it happened.she had friends who died and lived.Some of her students lost parents in the attack.

9/11 Interview w/ My Mom
September 12, 2021 App Interview

Interviewing my mother about the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the twin towers.

9/11 interview part 1

An interview with my mom about 9/11


This interview was about my teachers experience when 9/11 happened. We talked about the aftermath of how the world view this.


9/11 attack on the pentagon.