Jeroline Jackson and Sinta Storms

Friends and co-activists Jeroline Jackson (30) and Sinta Storms (46) talk about the importance of Black and Asian community collaboration and how their respective identities have shaped their experiences in Philadelphia.

Asian in Urban Education: High School Teachers Talk Race

Takeru and Esther are young Asian-American high school teachers in the south coast of Massachusetts. They teach next to each other in a community whose diverse population is not reflective of their racial or ethnic background. As they end their...

Pamela Ching and Wiedad "Roodly" Archer

Colleagues and friends Pamela Ching (61) and Wiedad "Roodly" Archer (52) have a conversation about their careers, beginning as nutritionists and moving into public health, including stories about their time working in various foreign countries and lessons they learned from...

"It was fun to think about how all the puzzle pieces fit together. How is this organization going to work?" An Interview with Anita Dey

Anita Dey is the strategic partnerships manager of outreach and engagement for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate and co-chair of NASA headquarters' Asian American and Pacific Islander Employee Resource Group. Anita spends her days working with underserved communities and using the...