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Kota [No Name Given] and Diana [No Name Given]

One Small Step conversation partners Kota "Dakota" [No Name Given] (40) and Diana [No Name Given] (60) talk about public school versus homeschool education, access to healthcare, and toeing the line between conservativism and liberalism.

Alex Clunan and Allie Prescott

[Recorded Thursday, April 27th, 2023] Alex (19) and Allie (31) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Alex is a first year undergraduate student at the University of Virginia studying biomedical engineering to pursue medicine. Allie is a...

Abortion Access in Texas After Roe v. Wade

This interview is conducted by 24 year-old Selma Ruhle on her 21 year-old friend and coworker, America Garcia. They discuss America's experience with abortion as well as her opinion on this divisive topic.

Dana Schwister and Christen Clifford

Friends Dana Schwister (52) and Christen "CD" Clifford (51) tell their abortion stories. They reflect on the circumstances in their lives at the time and what they learned from their experiences.

Gayle Raskin and Isabella Gonzalez

Gayle Raskin (65) talks to new acquaintance Isabella Gonzalez (26) about her abortions. Gayle reflects on the support she received from those around her, on how she has thought about her experiences in the years since, and on the current...

Sarah Whitman-Salkin and Cassandra Neyenesch

Sarah Whitman-Salkin (38) talks to new acquaintance Cassandra Neyenesch (52) about her abortion. Sarah reflects on her experience, the impact of her abortion on her marriage, and the current state of abortion access.