Lily Lipman and Laisha Gonzalez

Colleagues Lily Lipman [no age given] and Laisha Gonzalez (21) reflect on their professional experiences at the Lincoln Center and how those experiences have been shaped by their disabilities and other social identities.

Leticia Acosta and Judith Lima

Judith Lima (25) shares a conversation with her mentor, Leticia Acosta (44), about participating in Subiendo Academy at the University of Texas, her experience in college, and the value of community and mentorship.

Nicolas Steenhout explores the intersection of accessibility and open source

Nic Steenhout recounts how barriers to access led him to getting involved in the open source community, reflects on challenges that accessibility advocates face in the ecosystem, and gives some advice to projects on how to prove their commitment to...

Jessica Winowich and Rebekah Tucker

Friends Jessica Winowich (38) and Rebekah Tucker (39) talk about the first time they met, issues around accessibility, Jessica's fashion, and the challenges that come with managing autonomy while living with a physical disability.

Michael Alexander and Devon Christianson

Colleagues Devon Christianson (59) interviews Michael Alexander (50) about his experience in education and how it impacts the work that he now does as the Chancellor of University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Kellsie Forfar-Jones's Involvement in Community Engagement and Advocacy in the Urban Planning of Denver, Colorado

Valerie DeLeon (she/her) chats with Kellsie Forfar-Jones (she/her), Public Engagement Planner with Denver Regional Council of Governments, about what drew her to the field of urban planning, her passion for uplifting community voices, and what the future of Denver may...

Ysolde Stienon and Audrey Stienon

Sisters Ysolde Stienon [no age given] and Audrey Stienon (30) discuss the importance of objects that make life better, such as Ysolde's Tobii tool. They also reflect on the importance of accessibility and self-advocacy for disabled people.

Alice Wong & Rochelle Kwan

Alice Wong (46) talks with her friend, Rochelle Kwan (27), about growing up Asian American and disabled in the Midwest, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Disability Visibility Project.

Sammy and Carole Discuss Local Food

Carole and Sammy talk about local food quality and accessibility. We also talk about what values guide local food choices

Joshua Del Conte and Maile Singson

Colleagues Joshua Del Conte (38) and Maile Singson (70) discuss Josh's work supporting United States military veterans and his personal journey reintegrating into civilian life.

Lynette Mejia and Nureaka Ross

Friends and co-organizers Nureaka Ross (28) and Lynette Mejia (51) discuss their involvement in advocating for their local library system and obstacles they have faced along the way.

Alaska Woods and Ashton Haslam

Significant others Alaska Woods (20) and Ashton Haslam (21) discuss how their disabilities impact their experiences in queer spaces. They emphasize the need to better accommodate intersectional identities in queer spaces and reflect upon how, particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic,...

PBL Social Studies interview on World Wide Web period 4

Me and my father talked about the impact the world wide web has on his life and work. He spoke about how he reacted and his thoughts on the internet becoming a large part of he world.

Katelyn Jurney and Renee' Sites-Erwin

Friends and colleagues Katelyn Jurney (30) and Renee’ Sites-Erwin (48) share a conversation about advocating for people who are deaf and hard of hearing. They talk about the importance of both language and cultural access to public services and about...

Courtney McNeal and Shirley Glenn

Friends and colleagues Courtney McNeal (34) and Shirley Glenn (70) reflect on their organization’s programming for the elderly community in Memphis.

Jacqueline Trigg and Louise Peyton

Friends Jacqueline "Jackie" Trigg (59) and Louise Peyton (68) share a conversation about how they first met, how they became close friends, the trips they have gone on together, faith, and the values that they practice.

Kate Kemper and Martha Kemper

Mother and daughter Martha (60) and Kate Kemper (26) discuss Kate finding out she had a brain tumor, Kate graduating from school as an architect, traveling to Spain, and accessibility.