Andy Hall and Katherine Chon talk about forced labor in the global healthcare supply chain

In recognition of Labor Day, Katherine Chon, Director of the Office on Trafficking in Persons at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Andy Hall, a Migrant Worker Rights Specialist, spoke about forced labor in Malaysia’s rubber glove...

John Graham and Rhonda Van Pelt

Friends and colleagues John Graham (70) and Rhonda Van Pelt (65) talk about the role and importance of small-town newspapers and discuss how small-town newspapers have changed over time.

Holly Hatcher + Joe Gieck

[Recorded Thursday, June 9, 2022] Close friends Holly Hatcher (47) and Joe Gieck (83) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Joe, having been raised in a salt of the earth community in Oklahoma, reflects on the value...

iCampus – Luther Jeke with Lawrence Yealue

Lawrence and Luther chatted about their personal experiences and the work they do at iCampus and Accountability Lab Liberia

Benita Conde and John Marklin

One Small Step conversation partners Benita Conde (47) and John Marklin (67) exchange their lived experiences. They connect on the parallels in their seemingly disparate political journeys, voting as independents outside of parties that have disappointed them, and John shares...

Jacqueline Armendariz Unzueta and Naomi Lopez

Friends, hermanas, and colleagues Naomi Lopez (46) and Jacqueline “Jax” Armendariz Unzueta (36) talk about the work they do in their community of Colorado Springs, particularly as founding members of the Latina Equity Foundation. The two also reflect on their...