I talked with Ms.Bucklin about life and success.

Still growing up

We talked about how my brother been doing in school, like what type of things he enjoys doing as well as trying to achieve great in life after his high school graduation.

Learning about the past.

Enjoy life while you can and do what’s best for yourself.

Christian’s Life from a civilian to a U.S. Marine

The interview was taken place in San Jose, CA on November 26, 2017. I, Sandra Curiel (18) interviewed my big brother, Christian Curiel (20) who is currently a Reserved U.S. Marine. We’ve discussed about his experience growing up, his memories,...

Maria Lapinski interview
December 2, 2019 App Interview

It talks about her life and her stories. What happened when she was young,

Interview with Caleb

We talked about who has helped him in his life. We talked about his goals and what he has accomplished

Always be sympathetic

In this interview, I ask mom questions that I never really knew the answer to. Questions about my future and my past. Also questions about my mother’s past. In the interview my mother shares about her youth and past experiences...


Here’s a interview of me and my dad talking about his childhood and his wishes for me in the future

Week One Interview!

Ten questions about the Covid 19 and personal towards him.

Sister and I

She managed to have a good life even when she came to Chicago


In this passage, I play a doctor, through which I know that doctors in the battlefield are particularly busy, because every second there will be casualties or deaths need your help, even if you sleep at night, you have to...