Ally Pfeiffer and Jeffrey Pfeiffer discuss his childhood education.

Ally interviewed her dad over his childhood education. We also touched on areas of awards, jobs, and school in today’s time.

Don Clark is interviewed by his granddaughter Anna Liz

Don has given 400 units of blood, won a community service award, spoken to the president, and worked on the space station. He’s pretty cool.

Cornerstone Interview

Tonight I interviewed my mom about her childhood, current life, and spiritual life.

My grandfathers journey through the army

Avery Mendola interviews her grandfather when he talks about his past experience in the Army. Her grandfather joined the military when he was 18 and was in the Army for 28 years. He was deployed to the Vietnam War and...

Story of my brother’s life

Some of the key questions that we both talked about was questions based on best memories, child hood memories and achievements throughout life

Interviewing my mom

Colin Delaney Interviewing my awesome mother

Finding Her Way in America

Here I am talking to my mom, Raquel Caruso, about her life in America and her hopes and dreams for her children.

Make wise choices

This is about my father who made some bad choices in his younger life but I thank God he had time to fix it

Mini Interview

These are just some things I have wondered about Ari.

Interview with Craig Anderson – CEO LandPaths

Craig has been with LandPaths for over 20 years and shared many stories about his background, what drew him to non-profit work and some of his most proud moments.


Today I asked my coach if I could interview him for the different generations of wrestling. For example how is wrestling different from then to now.

Interview w/ the One & Only Oscar Gutierrez

In this interview, I was able to talk about life with one of my favorite teachers. I learned some new things about him, his family, and his road to becoming a teacher!