Jason McConnell and James Dean

One Small Step Conversation partners Jason McConnell (43) and James "Jim" Dean (76) share their stories about adolescence, rebellious teen years, their journey to seminary studies and how those studies led them down different paths.

Life struggling with addiction, with Kendra Rose and Chloe Lemoine.

In this interview we discussed what addiction is like and how Kendra has struggles with addiction most of her adult life.

Jamie Crowne and K. Rita Souweine

Jamie Crowne (71) interviews her mother, Rita Souweine (99), about her earliest memories in New York City, the experience of raising a family and her relationship to gender roles of the time.

"I wish he could understand how much he hurt all of us in the family" by Alyssa Leto

Stockton University student Alyssa Leto interviews her mother, whose father suffered from substance use disorder.

Interview with my neighbor Joseph A Wieczorek

On November 26th 2022 I sat down to interview my neighbor Joe where he talked about his life growing up and about his late wife Janet and what his marriage with her meant to him.

RP Interview U101

An interview with a high school senior about her sobriety after meth addiction.

…Although this whole situation happened, it doesn’t change how I see him as a person

Subject A, wishing to remain anonymous, talks about her experience with a coworker who struggled with an addiction Rhian: “Who was the person in your life misusing drugs?” Subject A: “Uh, it was a close friend of mine at my...

Jesse and Randi talk about the experiences Randi has learned through AA. “What does living on life’s terms mean to you?”

Randi, Jesse's mom is a recovering addict of various substances and went through AA and other organizations to help her get through her addiction. She has learned many lessons from AA, including "living life on life's terms," and feels that...

"You never know when somebody's gonna OD" by Shauna Deming

[Shauna]: Okay. The first question is, who is it in relation to you that you've lost to drugs? [Interviewee]: Um, my nephew, who is like a son to me, called me mom. My children thought it was his brother for...

Thomas Barlow and John Amoroso

Thomas "Tom" Barlow (39) and One Small Step partner John Amoroso (45) share their challenges being divorced fathers of daughters, and their learning process around the changing language and mores regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

Interviewing Marina Newton

I sat down with my mom and she talked about her childhood in Peru and stories and experiences being in a poor family, immigrating to the United States and the struggles of the time being so close to 9/11, and...

From 1984 to Now

My dad and I talk about his disability, and how his life is since becoming disabled.

Faith talks with Brian about how his brother’s substance misuse affected his family.

“Hi, I’m Faith. I’m going to be interviewing you today.” “Uh, my name if Brian ......” “Okay, um, so, who was the person misusing drugs in your family?” “Um, I had two people. Uh, both of my older brothers. My...

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected addiction in America?

Jose Sanchez speaks to us on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected social and familial relationships, his socioeconomic status, and his drug addiction.

Derick McGhee and Gregory Lakin

One Small Step partners Derick McGhee (35) and Gregory Lakin (63) share a conversation about their work, their faith, and their community. They discuss issues prevalent to rural Kansas such as addiction, isolation, and climate change.

“They grew up with her being that way…..and then we grew up with her being that way.”

Kierre- Can you tell me who was the person misusing drugs in your family? Destiny- Well...there were a number of people, like my aunts, my uncles. Like my grandmother. Kierre- Did she ever lie about her addiction to any of...

Interview (1): "You're gonna stop when you're ready"

Jen: “Hi, so today I’m going to ask you a few questions. There’s about 10 of them. Um, so the first one is … what was your pivotal moment that made you want to change your life?” B: “Um, probably,...

“I will never look up to her, I will never try to be like her”

In this story, I sat down with a person that wants to remain anonymous. We sat down to talk about how marijuana has affected their family. B: Who was the family member misusing drugs in your family? A: The family...


Chloe is a student here at Stockton University. She grew up with a troubled family life, but has been able to power through and become independent. She has found her own place to live, away from the family members that...