Joni Cole and Rachel Morris talk about Joni being an adoptive mother and the effects this had on her and her family members.

This interview was conducted face to face, and it follows a series of questions concerning Joni’s opinions on how the adoption in her family affected her and her family as a whole. She answers questions about her relationship with her...

“I don’t let my past define me, and I really love that you have stuck with me through all of these years.”

Our interview is about Gabby, a former foster child and her adoptive mother Karla. In the interview, the two of them talk about the beginning of their life together which includes heartfelt sentiments, life-changing moments, and memories of a unique...

A Very Long Talk

An interview of my mother. She talks a lot, but it basically answers so questions about her.

Calvin shares about his childhood of being adopted.

This is a great story of a child born into a tough situation but adopted into a great situation, because of an amazing woman called by God.