Sibling Memory Lane

My brother and I haven't had a real conversation with each other in so long so we decided to go back on memory lane and see where we are now in life.

STORYCORPS interview with my Aunt Julie Reiels.

I interviewed my aunt on her upbringing, adult life, current life, and hopes for the future. I did this to get a full understanding of who she is in order to grow our relationship with one another.

Emily Lei and a family friend talks about adult life and memories from childhood.

In this interview, conducted in December 9 in Plano, Texas, Emily Lei (16) interviews a family friend, Lily Wang (30), about childhood and adult life. Ms.Wang shares her stories of having a separated family growing up. She also talks about...

Conversations We Regret/Wish We’d Had Interview- Mr. Cloud

Mr. Cloud talks conversations we regret/wish we’d had. “adulthood is overrated”

Rich Naughton shares with his son (also Rich Naughton) and all listeners the stories and memories of his life

Growing up was a life-shaping journey for Rich Naughton. His father left when he was young, his mother was poor, the family was constantly moving all across the country so the mother could find work. By the end of his...

Adult interview

We talked about Tennille’s life and how things have effected her.

Aidan Eubanks interviews Sam Eubanks about his past, present and future!

Sam Eubanks on 1/5/2020 in Fortmill South Carolina was interviewed by Aidan Eubanks. During the interview Sam Eubanks describes his regrets on life and the things he most cherishes. Sam Eubanks also give advise on never giving up, working hard...

Adult interview

Nathan talks about his adulthood and how he’s doing so far.

My Sister’s Story

My sister talking about her life and some of her memories/life experiences

My dads life

A short interview with my dad about his childhood

Miriam Myers and Rose Medellin

Miriam Myers (17) and her mother Rose Medellin (42) talk about Miriam's upcoming undergraduate experience at Bryn Mawr College. They share childhood memories and discuss what they will miss most about each other.

Danielle: Adulthood

My mother and some adult life questions

Caitlin Dowd and Karen Dowd interview on parenting.

This interview is about my mother and myself. We talk about how she raised me, what I was like as a child, and her aspirations for me when I have my own children.

James Hunley on The West

In this podcast, I will discuss with a close family friend his perspective on the West. We will also take a deeper look on his childhood and the effects the West had on his life.

Max Plummer and his Father Josh

Max talks with his Father about childhood memories and adulthood. Music and activities that he enjoys are mentioned as well, like movies.