Jeff Schnell and Monica Young

One Small Step conversation partners Jeff Schnell (45) and Monica Young (29) discuss their family backgrounds and the importance of financial literacy.

Simone Nied and Diana Carlson

[Recorded: Friday, July 21, 2023] This One Small Step conversation was recorded in Charlottesville, Virginia as part of the Sorensen Institute’s summer High School Leaders Program in 2023. Simone Nied (16) is from Virginia Beach and Diana Carlson (16) is...

Bob Hudson and Timothy Kocher-Hillmer

Bob Hudson (60) and One Small Step partner, Timothy Kocher-Hillmer (58), discuss what it was for them growing up while feeling different and uncool, yet passionate about learning. Both discuss discovering sexuality and discovering their privilege/power from two different perspectives...

Leon Goldstein and Jeff Schatten

Jeff Schatten (31) interviews his grandfather, Leon C. Goldstein, about his career as a business owner, views on race, experience serving as the president of the Atlanta chapter of the Anti Defamation League, and most notable life lessons .

Richard Metcalf and Janet Metcalf

Richard [No name given] [no age given] interviews his wife Janet [No name given] [no age given] about being a woman as a machinist and being part of the IAMAW-Local 459 union.

Britta Hoffman and Linda Chen

One Small Step conversation partners Britta Hoffman [no age given] and Linda Chen (48) are both immigrants who have had some of their beliefs shaped by their experiences moving to the United States. They also have some different thoughts on...

Jason Wood and Jennifer Smith

One Small Step partners Jason Wood (43) and Jennifer "Jen" Smith (41) discuss influences on their political beliefs, affirmative action in workplace employment, and the challenges of police involvement with mental health calls.