"Someday I want to tell my son…that I did everything I could to help the climate change crisis." by Toni Morelli

Paths Through Science Centennial/Earth Day interview with Toni Morelli, USGS Research Ecologist, DOI Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center by Sharon Rauch

"What other profession allows you to ask questions, chase those things that give you intellectual itches." an interview with Robert Swap

On the football field, Bob Swap learned to read the field, look at the play, assess the information, and move forward. Today, those same skills help him manage over 250 scientists at the Goddard Space Flight Center with NASA’s Pandora...

"…our future on this planet needs an assumption of responsibility by all…"

Paths Through Science Interview for Earth Day and AGU’s Centennial with Silvia Peppoloni, Researcher, International Association for Promoting Geoethics

"One of the most important things that we can do as earth scientists is help society plan for change." an interview with Thomas Wagner

Thomas Wagner, NASA’s Program Scientist for the cryosphere, discusses how his life has developed to study the Arctic and Antarctic. Even though as a student he initially found himself bored by studying glaciology, he soon discovered a passion for polar...