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“Kevin’s drug addiction, started in junior high, when he started to feel like an outcast.”

Georgia: Who is in relations to you that you have lost to drugs and how are you connected? Georgia’s Father: Boys name was Kevin, he was my friend’s son, who happened to be one year older than my son. My...

“I dont believe they knew how to deal with it”.
November 29, 2017 App Interview

Me: Who was the person misusing drugs? Interviewee: My brother was the person misusing drug. Me: When did you first realize that drugs were a problem for this person? Interviewee: After several months when his behavior became erratic, it was...

“It’s a domino affect, you have to help each other out in a family”

MYA: Who misused drugs in your family? MOM: My dad, your grandfather. MYA: How did their addiction begin? MOM: Being a little girl he played baseball and he joined a clubhouse. Every weekend they would have baseball games and we...