Kaitlyn Calland and Joe Calabrese

Joe Calabrese talks with his great-niece Kaitlyn Calland about his past jobs and education and some lessons that he has to share.

interview with my father

An interview with my father, where we discusses his background, his life, and his hopes for the future.

Meglas Story

My name is Megla Akhtar, and I am 17 years old and in this interview we discussed my life

Selenne Zarate talks with her grandma

In this interview, I talked with my grandma about her life experiences. This included both details from when she lived in Mexico and now that she is in America.

Katrina Winkler’s service learning project.

Me and my grandmother talked about her life growing up, big purchases she made, and how she handled her money.

Parent Interview

How to manage money, and what to do for managing it.

Mother/daughter interview

We talked about growing up, school, tennage jobs, teenage years, how life is different now than it was back in the 80s/90s, jobs, and money. Overall I think my mom gives some really good advice/statements throughout the interview.

The family listen in

In the interview me and my nanny talked about our family. How she is very appreciative of her family and how loved she is. She also spoke about her hope for me which she said she would wish me happiness...

Timothy Huntington and Marcia Drummond

Marcia Drummond (50) and her One Small Step partner Timothy Huntington (60) discuss parenting and parenthood, political ideologies, class, and how their youth influenced their views on the meaning of life.