Getting out of the hood, and moving on to better things.

In this interview Halei speaks with her Stepdad, Ozias Embry. In the interview Ozias go over what is like living in Flint, 0:29. Soon after he speaks on the adults in his life. After 4:40, he speaks on how certain...

Interview of a warrior

Story of my moms life. Evolving from an abused poor child who had no adults in her life from the age of 7,to an abused wife after 23 years of marriage, to a 5 time published author who makes atleast...

Kobe Bryant: Death of an Idol.

My name is Caleb Cross and I wanted to interview my friend Aiden Evans about his personal experiences with death. I interviewed him the night of February 1st, 2020 at 8:50 PM in San Luis Obispo. The first question I...

The Journey of A Dream

Rigoberto was born in Guanajuato Mexico, he is 37 years old. He is the owner of a small business located in Davenport California. I decided to interview him because he has a unique journey. At the age of seven years...

Quarantine with Grandma Cac

We will be talking about what Catherine Harrignton thinks about the corona virus and quarantine. She looks at how the quarantine affects herself and others. She shares her views on what is going on around the world right now.

austin’s interview
November 29, 2022 App Interview

Austin Orman, age 18, talks about his hardest memorie and when he felt most alone.

The Struggles of The Last Child

“He couldn’t speak, read, or write, a single word.” On November 28, 2019, a 14 year old student named Mason Foxman interviewed his grandpa Leonard Foxman, all about Mason’s great great grandpa named Giuseppe Trulli. This interview was done in...


I got to the Boston for the first time and take a taxi to my homestay by myself

Immigration Interview +Alone+

We talked (I) about different topics, mostly facts.

Pre School on the Farm

I was alone a lot so I explored the barn and the other places on the farm. one time I saw a weasel and my sister Mary told me what it was. I collected chicken feathers and I kept busy...

John Babcock Part 2: “You’re not a man if you’re not scared; you’re not a man if you don’t cry”

Discussion of John's relationship with his siblings and parents. We talked about the death of his father and later on, his mother. Childhood stories and memories and how his sister affected him. His life from the streets to Brookdale. He...

Elly salinas

We answered all three questions and some were more personal than others.

Alexander’s Movin Experience
November 2, 2020 App Interview

Alexander locked his phone in a rental car after moving into his new apartment in Chicago for College. After going store to store asking for help, a man helped him call a tow truck. After waiting alone for an hour,...


Even through these hard times we can find the silver lining. My sister has to stay at home with her baby all day and cannot leave. She has just recently found out that she is pregnant and now she is...