Interview with Dad

The life of Charles Jezek from Bessemer Michigan.

Walter Zurasky, November 2015

Walter R. Zurasky, born and raised in Pennsylvania, talks about his life from childhood, living on a farm, to meeting his loving wife at Clarion College.

Mackenzie Kingerski Interviews Grandpa John O'Donnell About His Life

This interview was between Mackenzie Kingerski (14) and her grandpa, John O'Donnell (84) on November 29, 2015 in Penn Hills, PA. In the interview he shares stories and information about his childhood, as well as important events when he was...

Forrest’s StoryCorp Interview

My mom and I spent a lot of time talking about her childhood and her past jobs.

Storytelling assignment

I sit down with my mother and ask her questions about her life now and then.

An Interview With My Father

A interview with my father about his childhood, his adulthood, and his beliefs, with anecdotes along the way.

Carolyn Ellingson and Catherine (Birdy) Johnson

Catherine Johnson (38) interviews her mom Carolyn Ellingson (80) about what the pandemic has been like and how it feels to be vaccinated, Carolyn's life growing up, living through traumatic loss and grief, and the things in life that help...

What is your favorite memory of me? Something embarrassing I did? What about something nasty I did?

My mother told me something I’d rather forget, but in times like these you have to embrace the embarrassment of the past. As a kid I loved to share my ice cream, and I didn’t limit to whoever I shared...

An interview to mayself

This interview is about me and getting to know me a little bit more/this is a school work

Interview with Grandma: Rosemarie “Rosie” Josephine Minor Torrence

Saturday May 29, 2021. I sat down with grandma to talk to her about her life experiences. Interview took place at her condo: 1122 Sunbolt Drive, Unit B, St. Louis, MO 63129 at around 3pm. We had just had lunch...

interview with my mom!

today i am interviewing my lovely mother, Cecilia! listen to this short interview about her and how she ended up having a kid like me!

Nicholas Vourcos interviews his uncle, Michael Vourcos, about his life.

In this interview, conducted on May 21, 2022 in Corpus Christi, Texas, Nicholas Vourcos interviews his uncle, Michael Vourcos Jr., about his life experiences. The interview begins with Michael telling about his childhood and experience in college. Michael also discusses...