“I just wanted to be happy and have a family of my own”

Emma Lynch(16) interviews her mom, Ella(57) about her childhood and current life. This interview was recorded on Thanksgiving, November 26, 2020 in Ella’s bedroom in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. They talk about religion, moving from the city to the...

Vance’s Memories
December 1, 2020 App Interview

Vance answered questions that were provided by his niece Carolyn about his early life.

Betty (my grandmother)

We talked about Grandma Betty's childhood memories and becoming an art teacher.

Me and my sister

I talked with my sister about our shared experiences, as well as our hopes for the future. Watch us make bad jokes and make fun of each other.

Haize and his grandma Robin talk about her childhood and interracial marriage.

In this interview, Haize (15) and his grandma, Robin (65), talk about different topics from her life. ***old picture

Kailey Johnson(12) interviews her father Scott Johnson(49)

12 year old Kailey Johnson interviews her father, 49 year old Scott Johnson about things like his childhood compared to his daughters.

Jiichan (grandpa)

Jiichan talks about his childhood, ww2, coming to america, converting to christian, meeting my grandma, and raising my mom

Sander Thys

From Maryland to a family of seven to meeting his true love.

11/21/18- Ann Bikales

My grandma, Ann Bikales (Gammie), age 80, discusses what her life was like as a child, as well as her goals in life and when and how she reached them.

My Grandma’s Story

We talked about wisdoms she would like to have passed down, her very few regrets, and her greatest accomplishments: her family. My grandma has come a long way from growing up in a little town in West Virginia by working...

My dad and I

We talked about my dads childhood and his biggest influence, his grandma. He grew up from age 3-8 with her as his guardian and he loved her very much!

Interview w/ Grandpa

Interview about childhood and career path

Sunapee NH in the 1940s & 1950s

Kathleen O’Brien Cavanaugh recounts her memories from her youth at Lake Sunapee, NH in the 1940s and 1950s

StoryCorps Interview

I, Lily O’Connell, interviewed my uncles mom Laurelei Burton, on November 28, 2019 in my uncles office in Austin, TX.

My best friend’s childhood

Sofia talks about her childhood growing up in different countries.

Anthony Cowen and his grandmother talk about what she remembers of the Civil Right Movement with LBJ

In this interview, it was conducted in the family home between Anthony Cowen (31), and his grandmother, Joyce Cowen (72) about what she could remember about growing up during 1960's Civil Rights Movement and President Lyndon Johnson. She shares what...


This talked about my father and his childhood and experience as a marine.

Thanksgiving Talk

I ask my Grandfather about his past and historical events.