Service Learning Project

In this interview I talk with my brother Martin about his life and future plans.

Keep on keepin' on

Before joining the group Moms Demand Action, my grandmother Beverly was a nurse for over 40 years. I asked her what it was like joining the Moms group and what it was like being a nurse from the 60s to...

Interview with Richard Murad

My grandfather addressed four questions throughout the interview... he discussed who he drew greatest inspiration from, and learned from the most, his proudest achievement, some regrets he's had, and what advice he would give to future generations.

Sydney Sosa interviews her grandpa about his early life.

Sydney interviews her grandpa about his childhood, family, pervious jobs, and many other things. She is so glad she could have this experience with him to learn more about his life.

My uncle

Interview with Uncle Elliot

Poppy and Me

In this interview, Daniella Cohen talks to her grandpa David Miller

Andrew and Suvonna

Me asking my mom random questions about her life and how I was born.

The book of unknown titans

I’m the interview we spoke about immigration and my mother’s experiences.

Papa Jack Thanksgiving 2018

How would you like to be remembered? What has been the happiest moment of your life so far? The saddest? Talk about Lois Sladkey.

Hon. US Gov

Our family history and my fathers life. We briefly spoke about our relationship and the connection me and my sister have to my father.

Fathertime and his life

Me and my father talked about his life and decisions that have enabled him to get to where he is today

A moment of my grandma’s life (1/2)

(Part 1 of 2) I talk to my grandma about the family I know and the other side I don’t.

Marine Corp Screening
September 18, 2018 App Interview

We discussed Ralph's time in the Marine Corp

Creativity of My Grandmother

I talked to my grandmother about her life as a creative child, her love of Georgia & family’s creativity.

Xin Qi and Tianbing Xia talk about growing up in Beijing

In this interview conducted in December 2017 in Plano, Texas, Jennifer Xia interviews her dad Tianbing Xia and mom Cindy Qi about what is was like growing up in China, especially school life. Tianbing Xia shares insight on what day...

An interview With Jamie Shive

My mother (Jamie Shive) and I conduc an interview. I do learn something new. This interview was an interesting experience.


Asked my grandmother some questions.

Saul Vargas

Saul Vargas talks about his memories that he cherishes as well as some he finds troubling emotionally.