Martha Guillen talks to me about her childhood and the life lessons she’s learned along the way.

I spoke to my grandma about her life and about her growing up. She told me something that totally changes my way of seeing things. She told me that she dropped out of school when she was only 13 years...

Sibling Fireside Chat

I sat down with my older sister Karina Livingston to get to know her better. Her and I are 11 years apart and are enjoying our newly found sibling time.


Conversation about immigrating to New Zealand from England in 1952.

Entrevista a Maria Nova (hondureña) desde la ciudad de Nueva York

En está entrevista estuvimos hablando sobre la historia de inmigración de Maria nova (20, Honduras) y como fue el proceso de adaptación en este nuevo país con la barrera de idioma y el cambio cultural

Defecting from Czechoslovakia with Irene Rosen and Kristin Koznarsky

Irene Rosen defected from Czechoslovakia at 11 years old. Her family’s clever escape from the Communist regime showcases the trials and tribulations of immigrants in the 1970’s. She reflects on her experience and elaborates on her unique story.

Olanrewaju Ajibola and Elizabeth Givens

One Small Step conversation partners Olanrewaju "Lanre" Ajibola (35) and Elizabeth "Beth" Givens (50) discuss religion, immigration and empathy.

Elisabeth Nolan 1…
December 29, 2022 App Interview

She’s not too chatty and elaborative. not a lot to say.

Immigration Stories Italy: Jorida

Jorida Dervishi is an idealist through and through. Jorida came from Albania to Milan 4 years ago and opened her own school for women immigrants to help them learn to speak Italian. While working with her school devoted to women...

Barbara Brown and Helen Ens

One Small Step conversation partners Barbara Brown (79) and Helen Ens (77) discuss their similar experiences as Christian missionaries in Colombia, as well as their differing political views.

Ireland to USA and back, then back again

Mom talked about her experiences and feelings as a child in Ireland, coming to the US, then as a young teen returning to Ireland and being separated from her parents.


Immigration from Serbia to America

Korean Immigration

Keith and Hwa Shim, my grandparents, talk about their experiences with communism, immigrating from North Korea to South Korea to the US.

Living History Project- Sylvia Joseph

Mary Sebastian's experience with coming here with a greencard, and now applying for a citizenship.

Dolores Sheff and Nancy Jones

One Small Step conversation partners Dolores Sheff (63) and Nancy Jones (70) discuss voting for different parties, but sharing many common interests and opinions around being compassionate towards others, education, money in politics, abortion, gun control, anti-depressants and joy.

Interview with my mom

We discussed my heritage and my mother’s childhood. We talked about my father’s family heritage as well.

new surroundings

me and my dad talk about him moving to a new country

Andy Cullen and Nick Shipley

One Small Step partners Nick Shipley (40) and Andy Cullen (57) learn about their shared acquaintances, talk about their faith, and discuss politics and policy.

Immigration: Indonesia to the United States

My father and I discuss his experience in moving from Indonesia to America alone to find a better education as an ethnically Chinese individual during the 1960s, a time with an anti-Chinese Indonesian government.

Andris Bibelnieks talk about his childhood growing up in Latvia.

In this interview, conducted in 2017 in Greenville, SC, Mitchell Esbenshade interviews Andris Bibelneiks about his experiences growing up. Mr. Bibelneiks shares what it was like being forced to move out of Latvia, and to Germany. He also talks about...