Tina Girdwood and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Long-term Andover resident Tina Girdwood shares her impactful life and dedication to helping her community, from founding the Andover Recycling Program, being a school committee member, and eventually leading the initiative to start the Andover...

Spencer Lagalo and Chris Aseltine discuss community transformation and adaptation in response to the climate emergency (PSYCH 362)

In this interview Chris and Spencer discuss the impact of neighborhood recycling at a community center, how they powered it and what they did with it. Spencer also talks about future plans he’s thinking about working on.

Seema Gupte and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Seema Gupte, born and raised in India, talks about her childhood living between her family’s farm and in the city. After immigrating to America, she adjusted to the many cultural differences. Once she moved to...

Leslie Hoyt and Emily Hatch

One Small Step conversation partners Leslie Hoyt (66) and Emily Hatch (34) discuss their differing political beliefs, feelings around motherhood, and find common ground around experiences of loss and grief.

Moses Mukengezi and Salome Mwangi

Salome Mwangi (50) talks with her friend and co-worker Moses Mukengenzi (28) about his experiences being creative with what you have, i.e. making soccer balls out of trash, working with young male refugees in Idaho, and about the importance of...

Robin Freeland Ingenthron and Diane Snelling

One Small Step conversation partners Diane Snelling (69) and Robin Ingenthron (59) talk about the environment, government regulations, recycling and renewables, and Act 250.