“Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think!” – memoirs of a life devoted to teaching students in Brooklyn, NY.

An interview inquiring about the interviewee's decision to pursue a career in education, how he handled stress, and lessons he learned. The interview ends with his life's most memorable memory.

Sydney and Ms. Ingram

Sydney Berry (18) interviews Jada Ingram (27) about her career in education.

Beloved Woodworking Teacher

Our school’s 77 year old woodworking teacher shares about his life and the Peace Garden he designed for a national contest.

Pictures from the Past – The Life of My Grandmother

In this interview, conducted on November 25th, 2017 in Pleasanton, California, Vikrant Goel interviews his grandmother Meera Yog abou her life in both India and the United States. Meera shares stories about her childhood, memories of her parents, attending a...

Kylie interview

‘I’ interviewed my friend about her life.

Hannah Watkins 19
December 2, 2022 App Interview

Anna Grace Silvey 18 and Hannah Watkins 19. Interview for English class. Jacksonville Alabama

Vicki Ronn and Steven Carey

One Small Step partners Vicki Ronn (63) and Steven Carey (33) have a conversation comparing their perspectives on gun control. They find they both come from families with very conservative views and they both share some libertarian views.

Jo Presser – interview with Grandma
December 31, 2018 App Interview

Jo is 90 years old, retired teacher and race-walked over 200 races.

Amalia Matchett and her mother Heather Matchett talk about studying family heritage

In this interview, conducted in November 2022 in Tucson, Arizona, Amalia Matchett (16) interviews her closest confidant and mother Heather Matchett (50) about her childhood growing up in New York and her search for answers about their family heritage. Ms....

My 100 Year Old Great Grandmother

I sit down with my great grandmother to have a conversation about life, difficulty, struggle, happiness, love and death. She has lived a long life and has many stories to tell.

Olivia Silber interviewing her Grandma, Margret Wenger

On December 10, 2022 in Flemington, NJ, I conducted this interview with my Grandma. I interviewed my Grandma about her life experiences. She has taught me many life lessons throughout this interview.

Life Talk With an Amazing Teacher

A school interview between a student, Lindsey Biggs, and a teacher, Graci Johnson, who had a big impact on their life.

My great aunt Nancy Martin

She's a lovely photographer and a Montessori school teacher. She's very in tune with nature and has a ridgeback mutt named Pluto and a husband Gregory Martin.

Race in America

This interview is conducted by a student, Jonah Schifano. The interviewee is one of his teachers, Timothy Ustruck. This interview is about how race is viewed in Nicolet High School.

Nancy Sills and Jim Sills

Spouses Nancy Sills, (67) and Jim Sills (67), sit down to preserve some memories for their children and their grandchildren. They describe the strong communities they each grew up in, share their favorite stories about various family members, and reflect...