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Helena Hunt and John Coppers

One Small Step conversation partners Helena "Ena" Hunt (75) and John Coppers (53) have a conversation about the Healthcare system in the United States and the struggles they have overcome.

Geraldine Taylor and James Taylor

James "Jim" Taylor (75) speaks with his wife, Geraldine "Geri" Taylor (77), about her experience living with Dementia. They discuss finding the joy in every day living and their hopes for the future.

Interview with Grandma Lupe Vigil

Joseph Vigil, 42, interviews his Grandma, Lupita Vigil, 86, about her childhood in Lincoln, her Mexican Restaurant named after her that she had for 27 years, and her favorite memories. Lupe was a 2-time cancer survivor and suffers from Alzheimer's...

Terri Thornton and Alan Thornton

Terri Thornton (65) interviews her husband, Alan Thornton (69), who has been diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease. Terri, herself, has been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Together they talk about their bond, their hope for the...

Susan and Carly Cote

On Christmas Eve 2019, my was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. Her diagnosis explained her increasing forgetfulness and issues with word retrieval, but asked many questions about her life, death, and almost everything in between. My mom worked as a...

Kate Uhlir and Andrew Duxbury

One Small Step partners Kate Uhlir (82) and Andrew Duxbury [no age given] inquire about each other's lives, one being a mother of six and the other a Geriatrics doctor.

Judy Cavazos and Kc Stokes

One Small Step partners Judy Cavazos (57) and Kc Stokes (47) reflect on the importance of family, and remember the lessons they learned from their grandmothers.

Deborah Harkrader and Elva Harkrader

Sisters Deborah Harkrader (64) and Elva Harkrader (66) share a conversation about their childhood, their parents, their family, and their experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Peter Savage, Serena Savage, and Lina Moscarella

Peter Savage (82) shares a conversation with his daughters Serena Savage (51) and Lina Moscarella (49) about their mother, who they lost to Alzheimer's. They discuss how Peter and their mother met, what their life was like together, and remember...

Sophia Rodriguez and Ericka Rodriguez

Sisters Sophia Rodriguez (34) and Ericka Rodriguez (32) remember their mother, Evelyn Rodriguez, who they recently lost to Alzheimer's disease. They reflect on warning signs that their mother was sick and talk about the genetics of the disease.