A Young Artist Gets A Miracle!

That morning I wished that I could meet with the famous band and network with them. That night I was on stage singing with them! A miracle in Monterrey and in my life as an artist.


This interview gives information about 9/11 from a person who was alive when it happened and was greatly impacted by it.


We talked about her childhood.


Collin and myself talked about life and what we have learned. We also talked about how we have bonded over being just alike.

Family, life, love, childhood with my amazing aunt.

Childhood is fun and serious, love is amazing and confusing, and family is great all around.

First thanksgiving of my mom

My mom talked about her first thanksgiving and how she celebrated it. She talked in Spanish just like I did because her English isn’t very well. She explained how she was introduced to thanksgiving, who she spent thanksgiving with for...

The Great Talk!!

In this interview you will hear about what my Mother’s life was like as a child and what shaped her to be the women she is today. Also you will hear about how my birth affected her. This is for...

The Jamaican story part 2

Life in general is what we talked about

World history

We talked about my grandmothers child hood and things about her life

Me and my mom

We talked about what my mom did and why

The Fisher’s great thanksgiving listen 2019

While interviewing my grandmother, she talked about her childhood and her parents

Social Literacy interview with grandmother

Me and my grandmother had a really good time talking about her life and experiences within it and I learned a lot about her as well as we have a lot more in common than I thought

The Jamaican story

Life in general is what we talked about

Mom Living In America

We talked about who picked her up from the airport, was living here a challenge, etc… We both talked in Spanish just like I did because her English isn’t very well. She explained how she felt coming her and how...

My Dad

We talked about his life and memories as a child, about his success in life having four kids and a wonderful job, and the amazing world he lives in today.

Interview with my great grandparents

We mainly talked about there childhood and how life was in Yemen when they lived there

Gary Brown

It was a great thing to do. It made me learn some things that I️ didn’t know.

Interview of Jamie borges

Inerview if Jamie borges by: kinsley yager

❤️Interveiw Am Elder❤️

I’m interviewing my aunt who lives in Florida currently , so I FaceTimed her and talked