Akili Brown and Alexis Peskine

Akili Brown talks to his friend Alexis Peskine about their time at Howard University together, the Jamaican school system, their favorite music and how they want to be remembered.

Emilie Moore and her grandfather Howard Moore Jr. discuss family, military life, and important life lessons.

In this interview conducted over the phone (in Greenville, SC and Charleston, SC) on November 27th, 2017, Emilie Moore (13) interviews her grandfather about his life and the early life of her father. Mr. Moore shares stories about his work...


UVA Students JH (22) from Abingdon, VA and RB (22) from Houston, TX recorded a One Small Step conversation as part of their Lead from Anywhere Course. JH and RB started the conversation with in in-depth discussion about how our...

English class interview assignment

How my grandfather started a new life and achieved the American Dream

“Life of a 6 year old.”

In this interview I will be asking my 6 year old sibling (sister) of mine of what her daily life is during the weekdays of school and home.


My mom, Angeline Cura Adriano talks about her father Agustin “Bibas” Adriano and the life she grew up with. She is being interviewed by her daughter Achaia Alexis Adriano.

Make Your Life Your Own

In this interview conducted on December 3rd, 2019 in EHT, NJ, Joe Karlsen describes his life as a child, moving from city to city with his mother. He talks about the struggles he went through, as well as the successes...

conversation about ambition

Abel Nyensuah 18 relationship: mentor 3 main things to gain wealth. and short cut to success.

Kristin Wheeler and Antonio Kotoni

Kristin Wheeler (31) interviews her mentee Antonio Kotoni (23) about people who are important to him, his parents immigrating from Albania to Greece, immigrating to the United States at eleven years old, and adjusting to life in the United States.

An interview with my dad about life, ambition, and balance.

I interview my dad about his personal life: his beliefs, role models, and his decisions in life that have led him to become who he is today. These topics are facilitated via the talk of money, happiness, and success.

Chase-ing your Ambitions
December 18, 2018 App Interview

Within this interview, I spent the passing 30 minutes asking my mother about what motivated her, and what acted as a driving inspiration in her life as a banker. I wanted to gain a better insight into what inspired her...

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Ashlee Cason age 38, Austin Cason age 15, mother and son, discussing Austin's dream job.

The Working Life of Raymond Hollis Waterhouse

This interview was conducted on November 24th, 2017 with Tyler Manca (18) and his grandfather Raymond Waterhouse (82), who worked for many years in Portland, Maine. He details his experience as a child seeking work and as the owner of...

Dan Doctoroff, Ariel Doctoroff, and Jacob Doctoroff

Father Dan Doctoroff (65) speaks to his children, Ariel Doctoroff (32) and Jacob Doctoroff (35), about his career, upbringing, and approach to life in the face of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Matt Martin and Patricia Martin

Spouses Matt Martin (47) and Patricia "Trish" Martin (39) reflect on their marriage in the context of Matt's military career and their individual ambitions.