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Joseph West and Charles Lane

Friends Joseph "Raleigh" West (39) and Charles Lane (67) discuss their work as conservationists, their journey to the field, the topographical and social factors that shaped the Revolutionary War, and what this history means for us in the present moment.

William Branham and Brooke Bauer

Friends and cousins Brooke Bauer (54) and William "Monty" Branham (60) share about the Catawba people, including their oral traditions, their role in the American Revolution, and how that history connects to the present moment.

Dale Watson and Simons Young

Friends and colleagues Dale Watson (63) and Simons Young (46) speak about their work creating historically accurate architectural and illustrative depictions of the American Revolution for the Liberty Trail, and reflect on what it means to create new mediums of...

Steven Smith and John Allison

Friends and colleagues Steven D. Smith (71) and John Allison (71) speak about the role of archeology in their lives, the process of historical preservation, and their work's connection to the Liberty Trail.

Douglas Bostick and Walter Edgar

Colleagues Walter Edgar (78) and Douglas "Doug" Bostick (68) exchange their favorite stories from the Revolutionary War and challenge common misconceptions about its history.

Vincent Sheheen and Henry McMaster

Friends and colleagues Vincent Sheheen (51) and Henry McMaster (74) chat about the role of South Carolina in the American Revolution, the Liberty Trail project, and the potential for our shared history to serve as common ground in the face...

Adrienne Whaley and Robert Dunkerly

Colleagues Adrienne Whaley (37) and Robert "Bert" Dunkerly (49) talk about the role of women in the American Revolution, their research interests, and mutual love of history.