History of ancestors

I mostly talked about my family on my moms side.And learned so much about her life.


Kimball a man from Samoa told us his spiritual insights

La Vida Que Viví, y los Recuerdos compartiendo entre tío y sobrina

Es una historia que va más aya de la generación nueva. Es una historia de amor, de progreso, historias que no conocemos de fin a fin. Viene de una persona que conoció dos mundos, y ahora es parte de muchas...

Michelle asks her dad about his childhood, ancestors, and his proposal to his wife/her mother

Michelle Lee interviewing her father, Richard Bernstein on December 27, 2017 Michelle was 42; Richard was 74

Aubuchon Thanksgiving Interview

My Grandma tells me about my ancestors. This was taking over the phone. Disclaimers are that I said the wrong date this was recorded November 26, 2017.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen//Mom

My mother and I talked about both her past and present states of her life goals and dreams. Also, we discussed the legacy she hopes to leave behind her.

Michigan Was Scary for an Iowa Farm Girl – The Great Thanksgiving Listen

The evening of November 21st, 2017, Eli Frank (15) sat down with their Grandmother DD (age and last name not provided due to partner request) for an interview. DD told many stories about her life as a child on a...

Thanksgiving dinner interview

Today on Thanksgiving day I did a interview on my grandpa Stott at his house in Povo, Utah . We discussed topics such as ancestors to interesting stories about my grandpa.

Jon Volpe and his aunt Betty interview about family background and school

Jon Volpe and Aunt Betty talk about past family experiences and school opinions.

Interviewing My Mom

At first we talked about family and her growing up. Then we progressed to a description of jobs and talking about elections.

A chat about growing up, love, and faith.

This interview took place on November 25, 2018. The interviewee was Vicky Hoffman, my grandma. We talked about her entire life. Starting with childhood, her parents and grandparents and went on to talk about my pap. She also gave some...

interview with grandma about her childhood and race

ancestors and her early life, how her childhood was affected by race

Interview with Grandpa Cox

Talking with Grandpa Cox about ancestors

Interview with my Mom

Me and my mom talked about how her family came to the United States and how she grew up and also how she found the job that she loves today. My mom also talked about how I was growing up...

Coco and Auntie Janet Interview

We first talked about her childhood. Then we talked about her older life like her wedding day and working.

Askin questions with mom!

I asked my mom about her childhood and our family. She told me a lot of things I hadn't known.