Marta Pearson and DeAnna Hadley

Marta Pearson (72) talks with her friend DeAnna Hadley (52) about sympathy, empathy, racism, the pain it causes and the need for African-American stories to be shared. She describes seeing a raw cotton field for the first time, being denied...

Aishwarya Warrier and Divya Malyala

Best friends Aishwarya Warrier (31) and Divya Malyala (29), who immigrated from India, are celebrating Aishwarya's 10th year as a resident of the US. They look back on their journey of new experiences and look forward to new adventures.

Takako to May Wong

May/Takako Wong, age 80, talks with granddaughter Lucy Wong, age 15, about her family's experience immigrating to America from Japan and her experiences in America thereafter with internment camp, kids, work, and family.

Nyah Hoskins, Patrisia Vekima, and Michaela Clarke

Friends Nyah Hoskins (25), Patrisia Vekima (25), and Michaela Clarke (25) reminisce on defining memories from their friendship such as first meetings, college life, living together, transitioning out of college, and more.

Ralph Bledsoe and Alex Wu

Andover Stories of American Identity: Born in Compton, California, Ralph Blesdoe, a descendant of slaves, recounts his amazing journey of becoming a beloved science teacher at Andover High School.

Joetta Parks and Sarah Padgett

Conversation partners Sarah Padgett (25) interviews Joetta Parks (65) on her parent's lives, specifically their experience in WW2 and her favorite stories of them.

Borden Wilson and Clay Wilson

Siblings Borden Wilson (57) and Clay Wilson (62) discuss childhood memories of growing up in Texas then moving to Florida. They talk about losing their father at a young age, growing closer over the years, taking care of their 93...

Frank Mcdonough and Paul Mcdonough

Father Paul Mcdonough [no age given] and son Frank Mcdonough [no age given] reminisce of their memories together at and outside of their Innisfree Village community in Virginia.

Alice Meador and William Greenough

Friends Alice Meador [no age given] and William Greenough [no age given] reminisce on memories from their decades-long friendship that started at Innisfree Village in Crozet, Virginia.

Nich Traverse and Peter Traverse

Nich Traverse (39) and his father Peter Traverse (60) bond over their passion as farmers, specifically at Innisfree Village, and share anecdotes from their experiences.

Don Lee and F. Eugene Driver III

Friends Don Lee (71) and F. Eugene Driver III (70) talk about their friendship, their poker group, Eugene's involvement with track and field, and a letter Don received from an ex-girlfriend 35 years after it was sent.

Sonya Lenzi and Lois Lenzi

Sonya Lenzi (49) interviews her mother, Lois Lenzi (77), about her family as well as her role as one of the founding members of the Idaho Botanical Garden. Lois talks about her three daughters and three grandchildren and their different...

Her legacy, last lesson & our final collaboration: Rachel reflects on her life as an educator

Rachel and Takeru are close friends, colleagues, and teach high school English class. When Rachel was diagnosed with her third bout of cancer, they sat down together to reflect on her journey as a teacher, from how she came into...

Kimberly Annis and Gerald Annis

Gerald Annis (70) shares stories about his childhood with his daughter Kimberly Annis (46). He talks about his adventures with his brother, their family history and family businesses.

Donna West and Ryan Shinn

One Small Step partners Donna West (68) and Ryan Shinn (44) go down memory lane reflecting on the their experiences with their faith, community, and work that shaped them today.