Viajando con mama

Yamelin (16) talks with her mom (45) about her experience and thoughts in the United States. They talk about the past containing jobs and responsibilities.

Victor- mi papá.

At first my dad was a little uncomfortable doing the interview but as we continued the questions talking about his wedding, his favorite memories, what books he loves, and his experience first living in the U.S he got more into...

Family is everything
January 14, 2019 App Interview

On January 6, 2019, Diego Velazquez interviewed his grandfather Fernando De La Torre who describes his transition to the US from his home in Mexico in the 1960s. Fernando also explains the differences between Mexico and California. In this interview,...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about my dads childhood and what it was like. Also about his family like siblings and his children.

Follow your dreams

What advice would you give a younger you?

My dad’s recollection of 9-11

He talks about how his day went on the day of the attacks, and what changed after.

Mi padre
November 27, 2022 App Interview

interview with my dad

Interview with my dad

Interview with my dad Mark about moving from Vietnam to the U.S and about his life here

Learning and Interviewing my Grandparents to learn more about their lives.

My grandparents, Kevin Walsh and Geraldine Walsh, grew up on the island of Newfoundland. They grew up in a time that was different from ours but had some similarities. My grandpa’s dad died when he was 12 and he was...

Interview with dad

We talked about things that made him proud and his influences

Interview with Dad

I interviewed my Dad to find out some of the biggest influences on his life and some of the best advice he has received. He also talked to me about his proudest and happiest moments as well as advice he...

Sarah talks about her dad

Sara talks about her dad and how she’s influenced her

Interview with My Dad

In my interview, I spoke with my dad Geoffrey Clark. We talked about important people in our lives, gratefulness, and important life lessons that he has learned throughout life. Our interview, while being shorter in terms of time, takes a...

Matthew Hipps – The Great Thanksgiving Listen

The story of my father's early life before starting a family.