USEM Interview

We talked about his life growing up and where he is now.

Matthew Hipps – The Great Thanksgiving Listen

The story of my father's early life before starting a family.

Ela interview

Small storys of my dads earliest memorys

Learning and Interviewing my Grandparents to learn more about their lives.

My grandparents, Kevin Walsh and Geraldine Walsh, grew up on the island of Newfoundland. They grew up in a time that was different from ours but had some similarities. My grandpa’s dad died when he was 12 and he was...

Interviewing Dad

This interview touches on some great memories in the life of my dad, Jack. I wanted to interview him because I never knew a lot about his younger days, and I am really glad that I did. I got to...

How a Dad Influences His Son

Jorge Esparza, 19, talks about the biggest influence in his life, his dad. He talks about his struggles, his challenges, and how he became his biggest hero.

Remembrance of the Memories

Through out this interview, me and my father, Jose Garcia, discuss family memories. These memories played a defining role in both of our lives. Though laughter and remembering sad events, I have remembered why I love my father so much.

Xavier’s interview

My father named Jesse he is 40 and he is my father. we talked about love life and relationships. we also talked about his line of work.

An Interview With My Dad

This interview entails me asking my dad questions regarding my infancy as well as questions concerning his family life as a child. He tells funny stories about my sister´s reaction to my birth, a heartwarming memory from my first month...

Follow your dreams

What advice would you give a younger you?

Mi padre

I talk with my dad about his life and principles

Thanksgiving Interview

My interview is about my dad. It talks about the influences that have contributed to my Dad’s life.

College Inspiration

The interviewer, Ethan Leung, interviews his sister, Erin Leung, about her life and experiences with college and how her dad inspires her.

My dad’s recollection of 9-11

He talks about how his day went on the day of the attacks, and what changed after.