Gerard Alexander and Nathan Moore

[Recorded: Monday, March 21, 2022] Gerard Alexander (56) and Nathan Moore (41) have an impromptu One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Gerard, a UVA professor, and Nathan, general manager of WTJU radio station, discuss anthropology and their experiences traveling...

Brian Sherman and Edward Hall

Edward Austin Hall (58) has a Conversation with his friend and fellow artist, Brian Sherman (76), about Brian's career in sociology, as well as, his passion for avant garde music and art.

Cathy Thomas and Katherine "KC" McNaughton

Cathy Thomas (72) speaks with her niece and goddaughter Katherine "KC" McNaughton (22). Katherine shares how she became involved in hospice care as a volunteer and about her life and studies.

Dr. Alma Gottlieb

"A Unique Joy": Dr. Alma Gottlieb reflects on motivation, methodology, and personal mission in African studies.

Paula Jordan and Shyanne Sansom

Paula "Andrea" Jordan (67) tells her daughter about Shyanne Sansom (40) about where she grew up and what she imagined adulthood might look like as a child. Andrea tells Shyanne about earning her college degree as a mother of 5...

Brady Davis and Cristina Hudgins-Davis

Spouses Brady Davis (35) and Cristina Hudgins-Davis (35) share a conversation about their relationship, their family, and the pivotal moments that changed the trajectories of their lives.

Wendy Griffin and Susan Robison

Wendy Griffin (60) talks with her friend Susan Robison (70) about her work with indigenous populations in Honduras. She has worked for over 20 years documenting traditions and languages, fighting for bilingual education, and helping preserve the rainforest.

Lisa Sims, Paige Spencer, and Grace Sims

Lisa Sims (63) and her daughters, Paige Spencer (35) and Grace Sims (25), sit down for a conversation about their fondest memories, career goals, and spiritual experiences, as well as the love they have for one another.