Katie Johnson & Maria Faiola

Katie Johnson (23) talks with friend, Maria Faiola (23) about our stories of understanding our whiteness and working towards anti-racism in the wake of the current uprisings in the U.S. during the global pandemic. We discuss ways we were socialized...

Listening to Gabe

Gabe and I talked about his thoughts as he’s reading Stamped for Kids.

Denise Hartsough and Peter Strazdas

One Small Step partners Denise Hartsough (64) and Peter Strazadas (64) talk about their backgrounds, values, experiences with race, and their perspectives on the role of government.

Alex Schmidt and Nancy Warner

Nancy Warner (70) interviews her friend Alex Schmidt (75) about his family's experience emigrating from Germany to the United States. They also discuss his childhood in Germany and Washington State, his military and clergy careers, and his family.