Carolyn Ewing and Abdul Ewing

Carolyn Ewing (65) reminisces with her husband, Abdul Salaam Ewing (64), on their varying influences in their path to Islam.

Covid-19: Lila Chapman

Jackie Neale talks with her student, Lila Chapman about how she is feeling in the time of the Coronavirus global pandemic. Lila is Jackie's ungrad photography student at the New York Film Academy and upon being given the stay-at-home mandate...


Me and Catherine talked about her neighborhood as she walks he dog. Sharing her stress and worry and being wrapped in a familiar and comfortable environment

Cesar Hernandez-De-La-Rosa and Justin Butler

Cesar Hernandez De La Rosa (52) speaks about his childhood, his relationship with his grandmother growing up and the emotional impact being incarcerated at Rikers.

The Pandemic and Mental Health

This interview was about how these two were impacted by the pandemic with their education as well as their mental health

Interview with Ankita

Ankita and I discussed anxiety, spirituality, letting go, familial relationships, and higher beings.

Brooke’s Story

We talked about what makes our identity today and how does it tie into our vocation

Overcoming the silent battle of chronic illness

Dominque discusses her battle with chronic illness and the misunderstandings she has faced both from the health community and those around her. Discussion topics also include hope amidst troubling times, remedies that have helped her, and believing in the so-called...

Morgan and Sam discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Sam shared different ways that he copes with stress or anxiety surrounding the climate crisis. We discussed feasible ways that individuals can take action in the present moment to promote their well-being and combat attentional fatigue. Sam suggested that neighborhoods...

Grief & the Pandemic

Grief and the Pandemic is about my experience with having to sit in the grief of racism, sickness, anxiety and death in the past year.

Borden Wilson and Clay Wilson

Siblings Borden Wilson (57) and Clay Wilson (62) discuss childhood memories of growing up in Texas then moving to Florida. They talk about losing their father at a young age, growing closer over the years, taking care of their 93...

Harlette’s Coming Out Story

Harlette is a 16 year old girl who comes out December 19th 2016. She shares her struggles and optimistic thoughts with her coming out story. Harlette shares her experiences with people she encounters and how she found out the way...

My Anxiety

This is a story about how anxiety has a huge affect of on my life.

From Teen to Mother

Monica Arellano (22) talked to her sister, Lorena Farias (28) about growing up and becoming a mother at the age of 16. She shares her experience throughout high school and the difficulties she faced trying to balance her responsibilities and...

Amy and Katie Gray – Depression, Anxiety, and Photography

Amy Gray (17) interviews her sister Katie Gray (24) about her mental illnesses, their affect on her life, and how she has used photography to cope.

Eitan and Howard discuss overcoming environment crisis anxiety
November 19, 2021 App Interview

Current environment crisis can create a lot of pressure and stress to people. We need learn how to cope with that situation.

Alexander Wilkinson

We talked about the life so far of Alex. We empathized his past couple years.