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Interview with Ms. Nami, by Naoki

She was born in America and she went to a university in America.

I​ ​​interested​ ​in​ ​when​ ​she​ ​told​ ​a​ ​story​ ​of​ ​mountain​ ​and​ ​childhood.

I​ ​did​ ​an​ ​interview​ ​with​ ​Ms. Endo​ ​in​ ​G8​ ​room.​ ​I​ ​interviewed​ ​in​ ​Nov​ ​24​ ​morning​ ​recess.​ ​I interviewed​ ​with​ ​Ms. Endo​ ​because​ ​I​ wanted​ ​to​ ​know​ ​why​ ​she​ ​became​ ​a​ ​teacher​ ​and​ ​how was​ ​her childhood.

Interview to Ms. Stephanie, by Mitsuki

My name is Mitsuki and I was born in 1stayed A-JIS abou 4 years and my age is 11 and in this week (Saturday,2017/12/2) I will be 12 years old and I have 1 siblings so everyday in my house...

Interview to my father, by Sakura

I interviewed to father at the home, on the November 27th. I interviewed to my father, because he was funny person for me, so I thought he would answer me funnier.

The Life of Borrvs Ferrick

This is about Borrvs ferrick and his life and what his childhood was like and how is teaching career is like, and what he is going to do in the future.

Homestay Interview

I interviewed my friend Yuka. I interviewed her at Tokyo Japan. In interview I asked about her homestay experience. She gave me a advice for homestay. I asked her because I want to try homestay so I want to listen...

Interview with my science teacher, by Hannah

This interview is private.

Interview, by Hana

I ​Interview ​Ms. ​Nami. ​Reason ​why ​I ​interview ​her ​because, ​I ​am ​interested ​by ​her. ​She is ​dancer ​and ​she ​is ​teaches ​Performing ​Art ​to ​many ​grades. ​She ​is ​ballet ​teacher ​but also ​she ​is ​telling ​performing ​art. ​Ms.Nami ​really...

Interview with Ms. Jinny, by Sehyeon

I interviewed my English teacher because she can speak English and I want to know about her. Because In this month I changed my english teacher Ms. Jinny is that teacher so I don’t know about her.

Interview with Mr. Sam, by Nikorai

I was with Mr Sam. I asked about his life. I was in EAL room at school. I interviewed on Nov 24 lunch recess. I interviewed because I wanted to know about his life.

Ask Teacher About Her Life, by Kei

I’m Kei. I interviewed my teacher name Ms. Wendy to know about her life.

My interview with my English teacher, by Seungjun

I talked about his childhood and then the about his job that he wants to do when he becomes adult. Also I talked about his hobby and his hobby was to read book.

Interviewing my second favorite cousin, by Yousef

I interviewed my second favorite cousin through skype and I was in tokyo japan and he was in oman. In the interview I asked a lot of questions based on cars also I interviewed him because he is very cool...

My first interview with my teacher, by Julia

Her is my teacher about design and art about AJIS I ask something about art and design. I like design very much. So I interview with her. I ask something about her learning, is very fun. I hope when I...

An interview with my headmaster Mr. Sell, by Rio

I interviewed the headmaster of my school Ken Sell (Aoba Japan International School). I interviewed him because we are learning in my I&S (Individuals and societies) class, ‘how can listening to stories help us better understand and appreciate the people...

Interview to Ms Emi, our science teacher, by Madoka

I interviewed Ms Emi, Aoba Japan International school’s science teacher. I interviewed her because Grade 6 is now learning about telling stories and I thought it would be great to hear about moving house to other countries. I think it...

“I came to Japan because I want to start a new adventure here.”

My name is Luer and I am in Grade 6 now in Aoba Japanese International school. This is an interview with my teacher Ms Lizzie at November 24th in Aoba Japanese international school. She is my performing art teacher. She...

Interviewing my mom in Tokyo, by James

I’m James, I’m in Tokyo, and I interviewed my mom to know more about the old times and what they do at school from my mom, I also asked some questions and my mom give me opinions, and I learned...

Interview about Jobs, Childhood, and Capitalism, by Geonmoo

I interviewed Ms.Lizzie In a school called aoba international school in the small room that is in between drama room and music room. I interviewed her about capitalism, Childhood, her dream on the past, and about jobs. I didn’t asked...

Interview with Ms. Emi, by Jiahang

Ms.Emi’s life is amazing. egypt ,Japan ……she traveled a lot. she is trying hard on teaching. she want to be better and better.

Interview About Ms. Emi’s Childhood and Her Teaching Science, by Ira

On monday morning recess, I interviewed Ms. Emi about her childhood and about her teaching science. She told me that she was playing outdoors with her sister all the time. Her school was in Malaysia and it was a small...