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Family Interview

Discussion of personal values and traits of family and themselves. Political ideology and opinion on government mentioned too.

APB Family Interview

Gloria, Vilma and Rosario converse about their childhood, kids, and overall life.

Jose Jimenez

A dreamers opinion on the U.S. government.

My interview

In this interview I ask my mother a couple questions of what she thinks of the U. S.

German Vazquez interview

this interview was done by Oscar Vazquez the topic is about immigrants and how they have viewed the U.S.

Eddies Story

This is my dad’s story and childhood

Family Interview

This interview was about knowing more of my family and my sister.

Political stance

We talked about where my mother comes from what her traditions and traits are to her and her family. We also talked about her political stance in today’s world not just in the U.S. but also her home country.

Family interview

Bryan De La Cruz interview 5th period government


This is my cousins immigration story and her thoughts on the United States

political ideology interview

my older sisters point of view of politics

APB StoryCorps Family Interview Assignment -Shirley Zavala

I interview my father on his political ideology based on his family background, beliefs, and values. He has a lot to say about the way the political system in the United States works in both it’s advantages and disadvantages.

Braulio Negrete

In this interview we talked about politics, government , and about personal questions.

immigrant story

interviewer: Briana Montiel 18yrs old participant: Aldegundo Montiel 47yrs old relationship: father, daughter * family history * immigration story

Political Ideology

During a interview for my politcal ideology.

Interviewing my dad

What was talked about was my fathers childhood, what he thinks of the world, what he thinks of me and what he thinks it means to be successful. We also added addition questions to questions like “where did you grow...

Parent Interview

Parent interview about experiences in native country and in the United States

Interviewing my sister Dulce Briones Perez

I talked about how my sister saw me growing up and how growing up in our community affected our identity.


We were talking about politcis and just personal experiences with the new presidency