Family interview assignment

In this interview we talked about views on politics.


We were talking about politcis and just personal experiences with the new presidency


Conversation between my father and I on the topic of immigration.

Interviewing my dad

What was talked about was my fathers childhood, what he thinks of the world, what he thinks of me and what he thinks it means to be successful. We also added addition questions to questions like “where did you grow...


During the recording me and my mom talked about what her background and her thoughts on US policy.

APB Politics

During this interview we discussed a few things on our views about politics. Also, discovered a few things my mom that I didn't know before.

Parent Interview

Parent interview about experiences in native country and in the United States

AP Gov Interview

We talk about the life of my father’s childhood and his life coming to the U.S.

StoryCorps Family Interview Assignment

In this interview my mother recalls her experience growing up in a single parent home in the poor side of Honduras. Despite all this she goes on to describe how she has brought herself up on arriving to the United...

Ivan Arzate and Hortencia Carrera

Ivan Arzate (16) interviews his mother, Hortencia Carrera, to discover her views as a parent and observe how she reflects on her past.

Personal political ideology

Will talk about my political ideology and my what my mom thinks about her own political ideology

APB Government Interview

Interview with my mom about how she grew up and how the various factors we talked about in class have affected her, as well as a few others.

APB storycorps interview

I interview my mom on her views on politics and how she got them.

Family interview APB

Interview about the US Political System

Mom Interview Assignment

Here, I interview my mom about what she believes are the positive and negative of the current government in America.

Interview About My mom & her thought on politics.

I talk interview my mom & she gave background information about her self & Gave her thoughts on politics & Her political ideology.

Katya’s Family interview

Interviewed my mom about her childhood and her interest in politics.

Storycorps Mom interview assignment

I did a interview with my mother about herself and her thoughts on the political system in the United States


Well overall my mother believed that the government/political party of the the United States as well as of Mexico influence violence. Also the United States arent helping it's people since the president is making immoral decisions which are separating families...