Mom Interview Assignment

Here, I interview my mom about what she believes are the positive and negative of the current government in America.


During the recording me and my mom talked about what her background and her thoughts on US policy.

Braulio Negrete

In this interview we talked about politics, government , and about personal questions.

Family Interview

Discussion of personal values and traits of family and themselves. Political ideology and opinion on government mentioned too.

Katya’s Family interview

Interviewed my mom about her childhood and her interest in politics.

Interviewing my father

My father opens up about his past in Mexico and hardships of coming to the untied states

Interviewing my mom

Interviewing my mom about her political beliefs and what shaped them.

APB Government Interview

Interview with my mom about how she grew up and how the various factors we talked about in class have affected her, as well as a few others.

Personal political ideology

Will talk about my political ideology and my what my mom thinks about her own political ideology

Family interview assignment GOVERNMENT

We talked about her background and what she thinks about political.

Family interview

Bryan De La Cruz interview 5th period government

Family interview assignment

In this interview we talked about views on politics.

Political ideology

We talked about our family history, traditions and aswell as political beliefs.


Story corps family interview assignment

Political Ideology

During a interview for my politcal ideology.

AP Gov Interview

We talk about the life of my father’s childhood and his life coming to the U.S.

Parent Interview

Parent interview about experiences in native country and in the United States


Conversation between my father and I on the topic of immigration.

Political stance

We talked about where my mother comes from what her traditions and traits are to her and her family. We also talked about her political stance in today’s world not just in the U.S. but also her home country.

APB Politics

During this interview we discussed a few things on our views about politics. Also, discovered a few things my mom that I didn't know before.

Jose Jimenez

A dreamers opinion on the U.S. government.