“Science is the R&D for the future.” An interview with Christa Peters-Lidard

When Christa Peters-Lidard cold-called the head of NASA’s hydrology lab as an undergrad, she wasn’t thinking she’d eventually land that very position. Now as the Acting Director for Sciences and Exploration at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Christa oversees several...

Xin Qi and Tianbing Xia talk about growing up in Beijing

In this interview conducted in December 2017 in Plano, Texas, Jennifer Xia interviews her dad Tianbing Xia and mom Cindy Qi about what is was like growing up in China, especially school life. Tianbing Xia shares insight on what day...

The College Experience For Millennials: featuring Chiara Draney

I interviewed a student at Virginia Commonwealth University about what it's like being a college student. We discuss things like tuition costs, career preparation, and technology in college.

An interview with my high school english teacher two years after graduation.
November 30, 2017 App Interview

I sat down with a teacher who had a profound impact on me in high school, our interview is about education and teaching journalism.

Interview with Bernice Spier for the Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2015

We discussed Bernice's childhood as a Methodist minister's daughter, her professional challenges, ancestors, places lived, problems moving around, and family.

Soc110- Haley Childress

Brief discussion with Haley regarding the most influential person in her life - her grandmother.

Life Interview

My name is Abigail Posadas and I interviewed Jasmin on her life. She talked about her struggles and her plans after highschool.

Father and Daughter Discuss Family, Childhood, and Education

In this interview, we discussed our family, specifically my grandfather as well as my toddler years. We also talked about my father’s childhood and school years in India and how those shaped him into the person he is today.

Julie Riley and Anne Amsden

Julie Riley (61) and her mother Anne Amsden [no age given] talk about Anne's life's mission of justice and being an active Democrat in her community despite not living in a democratic area. Julie and Riley also talk about their...

Interview with Nan, 1-2-2023

Maeve Sheehan (age 15) talks to her father’s mother, Patricia Connors (age 77) about growing up in Hoboken, New Jersey in the 1950s and Nan’s experiences with family, Catholic girls’ school, and college.

Life as an exchange student

Pursuing higher education was a problem to many people, international students were one of them. In the story Hoang shared with us, he mentioned what happened and how he handled that situation, which even included having told to be sent...

Dennis Knepp and Lea Zikmund

Dennis Knepp (51) shares a conversation with new friend Lea Zikmund (26), about his first week in grad school, his education, and how he transitioned from student to teacher. They are talk about family, adventures aboard, and what he is...

Dave Schoen talks to Yasmin Misra about his childhood and his experiences later on in life as an educator

On November 21, 2018 in Dallas, Texas, Yasmin Misra (16) and Dave Schoen (74), family friends, discuss Mr. Schoen's childhood and Norwegian upbringing in rural Wisconsin. Mr. Schoen also talks about teaching as a university professor in Indiana and how...

Great Fall Listen

We talked mostly about how important it was for her to focus on her line of work. Also that you shouldn't let people discourage you from what you want to be in life.

Humphrey 6/15/23

Kiwimbi International summer interns Claire (21) and Katherine (20) interview Humphrey (23), the head instructor for Kiwimbi’s carpentry program. He opens up about his educational struggles and his experience as a student and instructor at Kiwimbi. Recorded on June 15th,...

My mother is also my teacher

My mom is a teacher who has taught at a primary school for about 25 years. I want to make clear on how she feel about teaching through this way. And by her sincere speaking, I really feel how great...

Dr. Taylor Interview

Interview about prison education program with Dr. Taylor

Recording – 07-06-2023 16:10:25

I, Katie (16), interview my best friend,Gabby Hayes (16). We talked about the challenges of going through school and the journey that has gotten us here. We also talked about the things we want to do after school and the...