Seema Lakdawala and Cannon Roberts

In their One Small Step Conversation, Seema Lakdawala (40) and Cannon Roberts (47), discuss their identities as "Indian" and how they relate to that word differently as someone from India, and someone who is Native American, as well as their...

Freedom and Gun Violence

Jorge Betancourt (30) talks with his former U.S Army team member, Daniel Walker (47) about his experience in the military, gun rights, and the second amendment.

Sehej Sandhu and Hunter Gibson

One Small Step conversation partners Hunter Gibson (19) and Sehej Sandhu (24) talk about the importance of personal freedom, their views on religion, and their shifting political views.

Aurora Lee and Nathan Davis

One Small Step partners Aurora Lee (29) and Nathan Davis (33) discuss their favorite childhood memories, whether they consider themselves "patriotic," and what makes them uncomfortable about their own political "side."

Bryan Yee and Brandon Dennis

Bryan Yee (38) speaks with his One Small Step conversation partner Brandon "Wes" Dennis (38) about their introduction to politics, Black Lives Matter, the Second Amendment, and their hopes for the 2020 election.

Stacie Williamson and Adam Barlow-Thompson

One Small Step partners Stacie Williamson (39) and Adam Barlow-Thompson (38) share a conversation about their families, their faith, their communities, their political views, and about what guides their values and beliefs.

Brenden and Mandy Lozano

[Recorded Thursday, April 27th, 2023] Brenden (36) and Mandy (45) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Brenden has served in the US Army for nearly 18 years, with an interest in the American founding and military history....

Rachel Campbell and Debbie Henry

One Small Step partners Rachel Campbell (24) and Debbie Henry (37) have a conversation about the importance of telling loved ones how much you appreciate them, the first and second amendments, and the need to be proactive about gun safety.

Emily Robinson and Marjan Vayghan

One Small Step partners Emily Robinson (42) and Marjan Vayghan (38) sit down for a conversation where they learn they are both animal lovers, share a wish that the world could be free of guns, and have connections to AlienCon.

Liv MacKenzie and Tom Compton

One Small Step partners Tom Compton (80) and Liv MacKenzie (50) talk about their differing beliefs on gun control, their shared interests, and their shared belief that politicians should focus more on understanding one another.

Debi Moir and Halley Cole

One Small Step partners Debi Noir (75) and Halley Cole (28) exchange their views on abortion, military-style rifles, book bans, trans rights, and climate change.

Barbara Reaze and Cameron Brinn

One Small Step Conversation partners Barbara Reaze (74) and Cameron Brinn (28) talk about their earliest political memories, the pandemic and the role of government.

Holly Hott and AJ Begay

One Small Step partners Holly Hott (53) and AJ Begay (42) talk about AJ's Native culture, Holly's commitment to training women in firearm use, and their shared desire to protect the people they care about most.